How I Got My First Kelly 25 Sellier

by @karenzkloset

Unboxing the Hermes K28

I purchased my first Birkin 30 the day before Thanksgiving, 2018 while shopping with my daughter. From that day forward, my obsession with all things H intensified. That same evening, I discovered PurseBop online. I devoured every article I could find, educating myself on all things Hermes. By the next morning, I yearned for a Kelly 28 and to be part of the #pursebopsgonekellycrazy. 

Kelly 25 Sellier

In July, 2019, I requested a K28 Sellier in Rose Pourpre with PHW for my birthday. It did not come. Two weeks later I got the call from my SA that she had a Rose Pourpre Kelly for me.  She gave me all the details on the phone but all I heard was Kelly and I told her we would be there soon (those were the days when you could walk into Hermes the same day without an appointment). When my husband and I arrived, she unboxed the most beautiful K28 Retourne in Rose Pourpre with PHW in Evercolor leather! It met all my specifications except it was not a Sellier. Knowing how hard it is to get a Kelly, especially a pink Kelly with all my specifications, I decided that the Retourne was amazing and it came home with me. I love and use my K28 all the time, but I knew my next bag had to be a K25 Sellier.

Hermes Kelly 28 and Kelly 25

In October, 2019, I was offered several Constance 18 and 24 bags by my SA. I purchased the Constance 24 in Gris Perle in Evercolor leather and PHW. Having secured the Hermès trifecta in less than a year, I focused on getting a K25 Sellier. And so the hunt began.

While shopping for my hubby this past Valentine’s Day, 2020, my SA surprised me with an offer to create my first SO (Special Order). I placed my order on February 27, 2020 and then the Pandemic hit. Stay tuned for that reveal when it arrives…

Hermes Birkin Kelly Constance

Since my husband’s birthday is October 8, I contacted my SA last week to book an appointment. I have not been in my H store since June, although my husband was in contact with her in July for my birthday, but we passed on the bags offered. Due to the Pandemic, my SA only works three days a week, and sometimes less if she has to be home with her children. So getting an appointment usually takes about a week. My husband then decides he wants to come with me to my appointment. I texted my SA that he was coming so she could help me keep him away from the men’s department. She texted back: “Okay! I have something set aside for you. Hopefully you will like it.” 

I did not tell my husband I was going to be offered a bag and I could barely contain myself while shopping. We are only allotted an hour appointment so we had a lot to do. I picked out a beautiful off white long sleeved sweater and two items for my hubby while he sat on the couch on the other side of the store and watched me model different items. Then my SA said she will be right back. This is when I told my husband my SA went to get an orange box for me.

Kelly 25 Sellier

She walked down the stairs of my H store carrying a completely sealed orange box. I got excited when I saw that the size of the box looked smaller than my B30 and K28. I was hoping for a K25 Sellier in a color I did not have. I was prepared to take almost any color. Then she opened the box and revealed a K25 Sellier in Epsom leather with palladium hardware in the most delicious Rose Confetti pink! I could not believe it! I did not expect a pink bag because she knew I wanted a Rose Sakura Kelly 25, which usually comes in retourne but is out of production presently. Also, I am very particular about the pink shades I love (rose sakura, 5p, bubblegum pink, rose pourpre, magnolia, rose sheherazade, mauve sylvester, rose tyrien and rose confetti). Since I already have a K28 in Rose Pourpre and a Mini Bolide in Mauve Sylvester, it took me completely by surprise, and I fell in love with it immediately. 

Kelly 25 Sellier

Even though our hour of shopping was quickly coming to an end, and my SA had to get ready for her next appointment, I was able to delay our exit to take a few more photos and visit with the other SA’s I have come to know. It was a magical day as we ended the evening at one of our favorite restaurants nearby, sitting outside in the always beautiful California sunset, with my “new in” tucked safely in the trunk parked nearby.

Love @karenzkloset via PurseBop

Published: October 8th, 2020
Updated: October 9th, 2020

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