The Hermès Kelly, Revisited

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There’s no shortage of Hermès Kelly info on this site. Just go to the Hermès tab on our front page and scroll. The Kelly, along with the Birkin, is the Holy Grail of bags on this website. And we like to think that, by this point, we’re Kelly experts. We’ve moved beyond just being able to point out with ease on the street whether a fashionista’s Kelly is retourne or sellier. Our thought train is more something like this: shape? mini? exact size? exact color? hardware color? brushed hardware? approximate leather? contrast stitching? bag charms? twillies? strap length? You get the gist.

We’ve shared our Kelly knowledge with you on the site before, time and time again. But we have a few favorite, go-to Kelly articles that are absolute essentials. So here they are—our most-loved must-reads. Enjoy!


The most essential Kelly knowledge lies in this encyclopedia, one of our PurseBop classics. Aside from general knowledge, the guide includes a must-read chapter on Kelly sizes.

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When it comes to famed Hermès bags, the Kelly—unlike the Birkin—remains somewhat shrouded in mystery. Although it’s had a longer history than the Birkin, the Kelly’s enigmatic aura persists, and discovering new things about the timeless handbag proves harder than one might think. Always up for a handbag-related task, no matter how tricky it might be, Pursebop dug deep this time around.

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A complete reference guide on what is perhaps the most important debate in the PurseBop universe. It’s time for the ultimate Hermès education! Whether you’re an H expert or complete novice, you may still need a little B versus K refresher now and then.

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You didn’t think we were done with Bs vs. Ks, did you?  Here, PurseBop hosted a massive debate on the relative merits of Birkins and Kellys, with plenty of testimonials from fashionistas in our communities with enviable bag closets.

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PurseBop’s personal take on an important question—especially in our community, where travel is a way of life. PurseBop considers the pros and cons of traveling with a Kelly. (And don’t forget to read Part 2, which goes a step further and looks at retourne vs. sellier for traveling!)

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Carry on, off into the world with a more complete knowledge of the Kelly universe! We hope this compilation helped you out (or can at least serve as a reference guide for the future).

Score any exciting Kellys lately? Tell us below, and make sure to share your favorite Ks on IG with #pursebopsgonekellycrazy. All of the photos from this article are from recent tagged posts!

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Published: April 11th, 2019
Updated: April 11th, 2019

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