The Best Chanel Bags Available at Pre Increase Prices

It’s been a historic time of luxury reporting regarding price increases. We broke the news of the Chanel 2020 price increases in Europe and the United States, which set discussions on fire. For those of you interested, we also shared the updated U.S. prices for Chanel, read: Chanel Price Increase Confirmed for USA: Here are the New Prices 2020.

Our inboxes have been flooded by loyal readers requesting the best place to snag just one more Chanel bag at pre-increase pricing. We’ve done our best to reply to each and every one of you, however, it is evident that there are so many more of you wondering what to do. Here’s our advice:

First, reach out to one of the Chanel sales associates who helped you in the past. Loyalty is always appreciated. Perhaps they have a piece on your wishlist and are willing to honor the old price. It’s not likely, but it doesn’t hurt to ask. Although most Chanel stores are still closed in the United States, fortunately many sales associates are working from home and are able to have inventory shipped during this time.

If, on the other hand, you’re new to Chanel and don’t have an established relationship with anyone, check out the secondary market. Reseller prices for listed Chanel handbags are unchanged, as of now. We anticipate that secondary market prices will also go up, however, that likely will apply only to newly listed bags. In other words, bags listed for sale at your favorite reseller pre-increase will stand at the same price.

From what we can tell in our own shop “curated by Monika…” Chanel picks are moving fast! What we’ve done for you here is put together a list of well inspected handbags at prices that will still let you beat the system. Click through each bag as below each photo we provide you with two more alternative options. Keep in mind that these are mostly suggestions from shops like Fashionphile, Anns Fabulous Finds and Rebag all three are reputable and reliable sources for handbags on the secondary market. Of course, there are many more, but in an effort to get this out quickly.. we scoured these sites first. In case you’re just tuning in now we highly suggest you take a few minutes to read two very important articles:

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Curated By Monika