Karlito’s Swinging Celebration!

Good evening friends,

Welcome to the first of a tripartite series.  

Guests are arriving all dressed to the nines…Bottles are being uncorked and the laughter is rising, The socialites are gathering and scouting the scene.

Our dashing host Karlito is busy working the room.

Is there a possible ‘romance’ budding? Did you spot the subtle flirting scene!?

I see some of our IG fashionistas trickling in now, WOW, you girls know how to “dress to impress”, and look at those BAGS!!!

Stay tuned to see what happens next…

Love a ‘tipsy’ PurseBop (literally, LOL)

p.s. “Did you RSVP which bag you were bringing tonight?”, hashtag your party bags pictures with #PurseBopsSwingingCelebration on Instagram so we can find them and then sit back and see where your red carpet looks show up!!!

Published: December 10th, 2014
Updated: May 19th, 2017

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