Vintage Vault Vol. 1: Navigating the Highly Collectable World of Vintage Chanel

Welcome to the Vintage Vault series, brought to you by PurseBop, where

Chanel 22: Once a Hard Pass, Now a Must Have

First presented in the Chanel Spring Summer 2022 Ready-to-Wear show, the initial

The Surprising Original Price of Favorite Chanel Items in Your Closet

The demand for Chanel products has always exceeded its supply. Therefore the

Chanel Strikes Gold: The Chanel 23P Caviar Classic Flap

Once again, Chanel has delivered! There is no doubt that the reintroduction

Here’s Why Chanel is Going to Open Private Boutiques

The fallout and discussion from Chanel’s stated plans to open ‘private’ boutiques

6 Chanel Bags Under 6K

Oh Chanel, forever will you have our heart. Despite price increase after

Would You Rent a Bag?

Are you a buyer or a renter? Nope, not real estate, luxury

What Bags Did You Buy in 2018?

How do you measure a year? In bags, of course. With 2019

Surf’s Up at Chanel Spring 2019 – Doubled and Around the Neck

Life was a beach during Chanel’s Spring 2019 show at the Grand

New Handbags: What’s to Come in PreFall, Fall and Winter 2018

Labor Day -- the unofficial end of summer in the United States

Exploring Scents: Chanel No.5 NYC Exhibit

Chanel brings Coco’s scent to life…

Imagine Ordering a Chanel Jumbo Online?

Imagine ordering your next CC baggie from How do you feel about the whole e-commerce idea?

Chanel Boys Will Be Boys!

The Chanel Boy Craze! The Boy is here to stay and has become a permanent part of the Chanel Classics. A light hearted review with a whimsical display of BOY eyecandy!

Global Price Implications on Chanel Street

Pricing Reference Guide for Chanel handbags comparing the before & after of the ‘GLOBALIZATION’ slated to take place April 8th, 2015, including USA, Europe & Asia.

Girl Protest?

Rihanna sports the new Chanel “Girl bag” and the press misses it, but we don’t?

Chanel Lucky Charms

This Spring CHANEL has once again released the “Lucky Charms” re-issue 2.55 bag. Truly a handbag that narrates a story as each charm has it’s own significance in relation to Coco Chanel’s life. We share that special story of each charm.

Classic Chanel

In a market full of beautiful designer bags, the Chanel Icon Flap

Ode to GST

  With all of the hoopla surrounding the discontinuation of the Chanel

Round Six of #PurseBopPicks

It’s FRIDAY and around here that means it’s time to announce 6 new finalists

Karlito’s Swinging Celebration!

Good evening friends, Welcome to the first of a tripartite series.  

Winter Winter Go Away

It’s only December and I’m already saying,  “Winter Winter Go Away…” (Original


It was inevitable that PurseBop would sucuumb to the long lasting temptation

not just RED soles anymore…

Christian Louboutin for your nails… Literally OBSESSED.

On the Rocks…

Continued from… Part I: Seafoam Kisses Walk with me… Platforms: Dolce and


FFFFlashback…to Februray, a quick trip with girlfriends to sin city to celebrate

Who will don the GREEN JACKET?

Continuing PBL coverage of the Masters…THE FINAL ROUND Sunday has arrived and

The Fuchsia FRENZY…

As the snow begins to melt, our thoughts drift away to sun

Fifty shades of BLACK…

This post is completely spontaneous and unplanned and I guess one would

PurseBop And The BRITS Are On The Same Page…

When it comes to fashion, no one is as COOL as COCO


What is it about Wimbledon that makes it the most prestigious tennis