Magnificent Hermès and Chanel Bags: Christie’s x What Goes Around Comes Around

Photo courtesy: Christie’s

There’s nothing like a vintage bag. Although we love new styles—carrying perfectly wrapped boxes out of our favorite luxury stores, “scoring” Holy Grail Bags at the Hermès boutique—it is undeniable that vintage bags have a certain je ne sais quoi. Maybe it’s the history, maybe the intangible quality of all the other lives a vintage bag has lived—or been a part of.

Luckily for us, wonderfully curated vintage bags from our favorite designers abound in the upcoming Christie’s x What Goes Around Comes Around 25th Anniversary Sale. Christie’s has partnered with premier luxury vintage retailer What Goes Around Comes Around (WGACA) for a special auction on September 18th. WGACA, founded in 1993, is a leader in the authentic fashion collectibles industry; from its start, WGACA has taken the concepts of curation and themed collections from fashion houses and brought them into the vintage world. Beloved by industry insiders and celebrities alike, WGACA uses knowledge of fashion history to curate pre-war to postmodern collections of designer handbags and clothing. Together, WGACA and Christie’s form a formidable team in the global luxury marketplace—one replete with Hermès and Chanel handbags from throughout the two houses’ histories, which we can’t wait to show you below!

Photo courtesy: Christie’s

The upcoming live auction, on the tail end of New York Fashion Week, features vintage at its best. Classic styles meet novelty bags and one-of-a-kind pieces from around the world that WGACA has hand-sourced over years. The lots include some truly exceptional handbags. Simply put, the catalogue is just fun to browse through, and will likely remind you of iconic moments in fashion history (think 1890s Goyard trunks, metallic Louis Vuitton monogram Almas, a Philippe Barland x Chanel surfboard, and MONSTER x Chanel headphones).

Here are the auction details:


  • Christie’s, 20 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY 10020


  • September 7th-17th: public exhibition
  • September 18th: live auction (register here)

If you’re considering any of the bags up for auction, make sure to register on Christie’s website. We’re excited to show you PurseBop’s Picks for the auction—we expect that a few of our selections will surprise you! Let PurseBop guide you through the exciting luxury classics, exotics, and novelty pieces available.

Photo courtesy: Christie’s

Fun & Flirty Minis

Date night rolls around—imagine pairing your outfit with either this modern rose lipstick mini Kelly, or perhaps the neutral 1994 mini Kelly with the older round-top handle.

Bold Exotics

Ostrich and Porosus Crocodile hardly need introductions. The bright, color-blocked ostrich K35 is an immediate showstopper, while the shiny violet crocodile B35 is both subtle and eye-catching.

Work Bags

It’s no secret that larger Birkins are perfect for work. We love this fun yet professional B40, as well as this sleek B35 from the So Black collection that’s never gone out of style.

Chanel Minaudières

PurseBop has a massive soft spot for Chanel minaudières (read: Part 2: The Chanel Reveal and PurseBop’s Over The Moon); each style is reminiscent of specific eras in the maison’s history. We adore this jubilant red heart, as well as this striking take on the perfume bottle clutch.

Belt Bags

Retro looks abound in the auction. We’d almost forgotten about belt bags and just how cool they were in the 90s. We love these (one with a chain, one with a leather belt), and have a sense they’ll be coming back into style any day now—especially given the fanny pack trend.

Historic Cases & Trunks

Something that immediately caught our attention was the number of visibly historic pieces up for auction. Who could deny the charm of this 1970s LV suitcase, or the character of this 1900s Goyard steamer trunk?

What do you think of these lovely vintage collections? Is there a bag or style of bag that’s caught your eye? Are you swayed in the direction of historic trunks, or perhaps throwback belt bags?

Let us know all of your vintage-related thoughts below. And don’t forget to browse the full catalogue of colorful, sophisticated, fun, and eclectic lots—as well as register for the auction—here.

Photo courtesy: Christie’s

Thank you to Christie’s for sponsoring this post.

Published: August 26th, 2018
Updated: September 10th, 2018

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