Dear PurseBop: If You Could Choose Only One Hermès Quota Bag. . .?

Dear PurseBop: If You Could Choose Only One Hermès Quota Bag what bag and color would you choose?


Dear Help Me Choose:

Selecting a single Hermès quota bag may feel challenging. However, by considering your personal taste, lifestyle, budget, preferences, and the intended use of the bag, the choice will become much clearer. Here is all the information you need to simplify your decision.

Since quota bags are typically either a Birkin or a Kelly, we’ll focus on these options, though some boutiques may also consider other models like the Constance and certain Kelly variations as quota bags.

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The Birkin

The Birkin is iconic, famously named after British model Jane Birkin, who inspired its creation during a flight with the Hermès CEO. Designed to suit her needs as a working mother, the Birkin remains a symbol of luxury and functionality.

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If you prefer a handheld bag with ample room, either the Birkin 25 or 30 is an excellent choice. While some find the Birkin 25 too small for everyday use, the Birkin 30 offers a perfect balance, transitioning seamlessly from day to night. It’s spacious enough for essentials without being cumbersome, adding elegance to both casual and dressy outfits.

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For color, opting for Noir, Gold, or Etoupe with either gold or palladium hardware ensures a timeless, versatile piece that will hold its value and remain stylish for a lifetime. A Birkin in these shades is a true investment, embodying classic Hermès craftsmanship.

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The Kelly

The Kelly, named after Grace Kelly in the 1950’s, offers the convenience of a shoulder strap, making it a great choice if you prefer hands-free carry. Slightly less recognizable than the Birkin, the Kelly’s understated elegance appeals to those with a classic style.

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The Kelly 25, 28, and 32 are all versatile sizes, depending on how much you typically carry. The petite but powerful mini Kelly 20 is also an option if you carry very little in your bag, hold your phone in your hand, and want a great crossbody or handheld bag that transitions from day to night seamlessly. The mini Kelly also can easily remain on your body when in restaurants, events, and shopping for peace of mind from thefts or loss.

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A Kelly in Noir, Gold, or Etoupe (or any similar neutral color) is equally timeless and versatile, ensuring it complements any wardrobe and occasion.

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Kelly Sellier vs. Kelly Retourne

The Hermès Kelly bag comes in two main styles: Sellier and Retourne. Each style has its own unique characteristics, affecting the bag’s appearance, structure, and overall vibe. Here are the differences between the Kelly Sellier and Kelly Retourne.

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Hermès Kelly Sellier

  • The Sellier style features sharp, clean lines with a more structured and formal appearance. The edges are stitched on the outside, creating a pronounced and angular look.
  • The exterior stitching and construction result in a more structured silhouette.
  • The stitching is visible on the outside, giving the bag a defined and polished finish.
  • Often made from more rigid leathers like Epsom, Box Calf, Chevre, Madame Calfskin, and Tadelakt, which help maintain its structured shape.
  • The Sellier style has a more formal and elegant appearance, suitable for dressier occasions.
  • Its structured form makes it ideal for professional settings and events where a polished look is desired.

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Hermès Kelly Retourne

  • The Retourne style has a softer, more relaxed look. The bag is turned inside out during the construction process, resulting in a less rigid structure.
  • The edges are rounded, and the stitching is on the inside, giving it a more casual, supple appearance.
  • The stitching is hidden inside the bag, contributing to its softer silhouette.
  • Often made from softer leathers like Togo, Clemence, and Swift, which enhance its relaxed, slouchy form.
  • The Retourne style is more casual and versatile, suitable for both everyday use and more relaxed occasions.
  • Its softer structure makes it comfortable to carry and more accommodating for various items.

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Choosing between the Kelly Sellier and Kelly Retourne depends on your personal style and the occasions for which you plan to use the bag. The Sellier is ideal for a polished, professional look, while the Retourne offers a more relaxed, versatile option for everyday use.

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Final Thoughts

No matter which one you choose, a Hermès quota bag is a lifelong treasure that embodies luxury, style, and practicality. You can’t go wrong.

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Happy Shopping.

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Published: June 29th, 2024
Updated: June 30th, 2024

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