Celine Mellow Yellow!


The one bag color I have yet to find that perfect shade of … is YELLOW.

Celine Spring 2015 releases this beauty…

Photo courtesy: ebay


The question is “to Phantom, or not to Phantom?”
Do I want this happy vibrant ‘fun in the sun’ feeling from CELINE?

Would love for you to share your  phantom thoughts…

Love PurseBop


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3 Responses to “Celine Mellow Yellow!”

  • Pursebop – this looks like a Lululemon yoga bag that you have! Very similar in color…but it’s gorgeous!! What a perfect cruise bag

  • You know what, you are absolutely right! Thank you for bringing my attention to a forgotten baggie in my closet. You just made up my mind :)
    I owe you one my friend…so on target!
    Love M

  • The color may be similar to your Lululemon but this bag in this color is sooooo amazing!!! So fun and chic at the same time!!! I’d totally say to Phantom