No Kelly for You

I want a Kelly.   It has taken me a long time to utter these words, but here I am.  The Hermes fund is full and contact made with a sales associate. Yet I feel no closer to getting one.

The reality that I cannot just waltz into a store and buy my Kelly perplexes me.  Isn’t the end goal of a store to sell its merchandise?  I understand the laws of supply and demand and if they’re “sold out” I can’t buy until there’s new supply, possibly at a higher price. Economics 101.

The kicker is, from what I read and hear, that while there may be none for me, Ms A or Mr Z have their pick of the limited lot.  They get “offered” bags.  The concept alone is mind-boggling.  Is my money a different green than theirs (preferably Hermes bamboo which is stunning . . . but I digress)?  Do I need to slip cash into the palm of a sales associate, as though I’m seeking a faster or better table at a chi-chi restaurant?  Or must I declare my loyalty to the H brand by purchasing thousands of dollars of merchandise I may or may not want?

Or worse, am I simply at the whim of the Hermes deities?  Trying to buy a Kelly is like an episode of Seinfeld – where the soup nazi decides who may purchase soup.  George and Elaine are denied because they fail to follow proper soup-ordering procedures and annoy the soup man.  Perhaps my Kelly is really lobster bisque.

Thus far I am not one of the Chosen people.  My sales associate was lovely and took down my information, but I have no confidence she will call.  I remain intimidated by the Orange and think twice before crossing the threshold.   I also do not have the luxury of time or the inclination to be a frequent visitor . . . or as I call it, a nudge.

The longer the wait the more likely my shopping itch will be scratched elsewhere.  I tell myself that I don’t really want a Kelly.  Maybe that will work.

-Maura Carlin

No Soup For You

Please Hermes Gods, may Maura have some SOUP? (and I’ll take another serving too…)

Love PurseBop

Published: March 5th, 2015
Updated: May 19th, 2017

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1 Responses to “No Kelly for You”

  • Since young, Kellys are the only hermes bag that i ever wanted. However the sa refused to even take my name down because the waiting list is closed. A garden party was suggested, my name was recorded for an all leather garden party in black….guess what? Am still waiting after FIVE years…