PurseBop Chanel Handbag Giveaway

Post UDPATED: November 1, 2016

Dearest PurseBop family,
The Chanel Handbag Giveaway has concluded, and we finally have a winner! Fashionista @jewish_chick is the lucky winner of the amazing Chanel Coco Handle Bag from our sponsor Ann’s Fabulous Finds. Thank you again to everyone who participated! Our beautiful community continues to grow, and we appreciate all of your love and support. We hope to continue to host more fun giveaways and challenges like this in the future. In the meantime, be sure to subscribe to PurseBop to stay informed on all the latest news!

Love PurseBop



Our instagram accounts @pursebop and @boptalk  have both hit over 100k followers! To celebrate this monumental milestone, we are honored to partner with Ann’s Fabulous Finds to celebrate ALL OF YOU! One lucky community member will receive an incredible new Chanel Coco Handle Bag! Yes, you heard us right… a BRAND NEW CHANEL bag!

Hitting this 100k landmark is a special accomplishment and has given us the opportunity to focus on the essence of what PurseBop was intended to do. Just a short couple of years ago, it was difficult for bag loving fashionistas to effectively share their passions beyond their immediate Instagram circles. We’ve been devoted to carving out a unique space and connecting like-minded enthusiasts and we’re proud of our discussion platform BopTalk, an avenue for communication, news and expression across the PurseBop community.

To commemorate, we’re turning October into a full-on celebration with many surprises and great content lined up! Stay tuned for exciting news from both PurseBop and Ann’s Fabulous Finds on our websites and social media platforms.

Can you feel the excitement?! Thank you all to making PurseBop the community that it is today. Good Luck!

Love PurseBop

Published: September 21st, 2016
Updated: February 20th, 2018

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32 Responses to “PurseBop Chanel Handbag Giveaway”

  • How exciting, I already follow on IG and love your account – congrats on the big acheivement, you deserve it xxxx

  • Congratulations on the 100k+ followers. You deserve all the best. Your stories here are so interesting and inspire every fashion lover. Your Instagram posts are equally inspiring and make us try not to miss any of them. Good luck to all participants including myself ???? The cocohandle is a dream bag ????

  • You changed my life, I love following you, so happy for you and Thank you for doing the giveaway ???????? it is a very beautiful bag, I can certainly see myself with it ????????good luck to all of us ❤️????????❤️????????

  • Fantastic, just to confirm even if you currently follow both sites, the registration form must be filled out as the winner will come from that pool of entrants :)

  • congratulation on your 100k followers been enjoying reading all your vlogs about handbags and also seeing all those beautiful pictures of handbag all over on Instagram. Thank you for this wonderful chance to join on your wonderful and generous giveaway. Godbless ” Generosity is realizing that you are so Blessed, Sharing you’re blessings to others make you blessed more ” Thank you

  • Love love love your accounts!! Thank you for making this community, I love the support from all over the world and you don’t need a huge collection to be a part of that! I’ve met so many nice people through Pursebop and Boptalk, thank you for this!! Keep up the amazing work sweetie ???????????? xo Charlie

  • Your comment made me smile ear to ear. To hear your experience makes it all worth while!
    Good luck and keep shining bright…XO

  • I look for your sweet comments each day on my IG. It’s people just like U that have made our community such a beautiful vibrant place :)

  • Awww, thank you for the warm words of encouragement. Stay close my dear. I am honored to have you share this dream journey alongside me. Good Luck!!!

  • Delighted to have you on board, please just make sure even if you are following our sites, you complete the registration form online as the winner will be selected from that pool of lucky entrants.

  • thank you beautiful :)

    Please just make sure even if you are following our sites, you complete the registration form online as the winner will be selected from that pool of lucky entrants. hugs XOXO

  • Thank you always for the encouragement and support! Please just make sure even if you are following our sites and IG, you complete the registration form above as the winner will be selected from that pool of lucky entrants. Stay close

  • Oh!! You made my day, you are so sweet ????❤️????❤️What I say is from the bottom of my heart ????

  • Congratulations on the 100k+ followers. You are simply the best.❤️
    How excited! Good Luck to all and also myself ????
    Keep shining like a diamond????

  • Still in the clouds with excitement ???? I’m in the grocery store line waiting to pay, and here I am again hahaha can’t wait to finish my qualification presentation to come back to what I love… 10 more days! Thank you so much my love for this super opportunity ❤️ Chances of winning are small but just the feeling of the giveaway is priceless ????????????????????????????

  • Gotta seize every second Nicole ???? Specially now that I can’t truly devote myself the way I like to pursebop.com, instagram, the giveaway… But (Terminator voice mode on) “I’ll be back” ????????❤️????

  • Question M.: is everytime I enter here equal to a new entry, or every 3 people I tag on IG? Gotta know where to focus my strength ????????❤️????

  • Not even on my bday and wearing all my lucky charms I get lucky with giveaways ????????????????… still, I’m happy someone from our “community” won????!!! Hope @jewish_chick cherishes this super special and amazing bag ????????❤️????????????