We’re Obsessing Over Instagram’s Handbag Reels: Here Are Our Favorites

Ever since the dawn of social media fashionistas have been utilizing the platforms on offer to showcase their love for all things luxury fashion. Whether filming unboxing and review videos for YouTube or partaking in quirky trends on new platforms like TikTok, there has long been a place in social media to showcase, discuss and (let’s be honest) obsess over luxury brands.

Instagram is the most popular social media platform for fashion influencers. Despite beginning as a photo-sharing service in 2010, the platform has since advanced and is now also commonly used for video sharing services. The most common of which are Instagram reels – easy to make, short and snappy video clips which appear on a user’s feed and can be added to stories. It’s no surprise that luxe lovers have become obsessed. An increasing number are beginning to use this new Instagram function to create content on luxury style inspiration and more.

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We’ve rounded up the best Instagram accounts to follow if you’re in serious need of some luxury handbag content. From unboxings and closet tours to matching your bag with your favorite emoji (yes you read that right), these IG reels are sure to keep you (and your luxury addiction) entertained!

Watching @styledbyshishi ‘s oh so relatable chronicles of her journey through motherhood and obsession with designer handbags is a must for us here at PurseBop.

If you’ve ever been guilty of neglecting some pieces in your collection in favor of your go-to bag then you’re sure to relate to this hilarious video. Beginning with @styledbyshishi wearing her Hermès Mini Kelly, voiceover plays asking “she don’t see us?” as @styledbyshishi mouths along impersonating her other bags that have been left ignored. Are you guilty of overlooking some of your designer gems?

@styledbyshishi took part in the viral Keeping up with the Kardashians challenge which saw her impersonate the one and only Kim Kardashian West. As the reality star’s voiceover plays @styledbyshishi acts out some of Kardashian West’s most iconic on screen moments such as when she famously lost her diamond earring in the ocean. @styledbyshishi does so while toting around some of the star’s favorite Hermès styles including the Birkin and Mini Kelly. 

Unapologetically relatable as always, @styledbyshishi uploaded a video that perfectly shows the plights of the luxury shopper – more specifically the strain on a luxury shopper’s bank account! She unboxes a pair of Chanel tights before looking inside of her metallic Chanel Flap bag to find that she has only a few meager coins left! The caption features a famous quote from bonafide fashionista Carrie Bradshaw – “I Like my money where I can see it – hanging in my closet”.

German fashion influencer and social media entrepreneur Leonie Hanne is known for her decadent style and love of luxury brands.

A regular at fashion weeks around the globe, Hanne often shares her best looks from these fashion insider events with her three million Instagram followers. One of our favorite reels of hers showcases her favorite outfits of 2020. Set to the iconic Sex and the City theme tune, we see the influencer in a plethora of colorful ensembles carrying handbags that Carrie Bradshaw would approve of. Hanne can be spotted with various iterations of the iconic Fendi Baguette as well as PurseBop favorites like the Fendi Peekaboo, Dior Book Tote, Jacquemus Le Chiquito and too many Bottega Veneta Pouches to count! Her looks feature against a backdrop of bustling city streets, a joyous throwback for many in light of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

In these uncertain times, the normalcy of influencers serving us with some serious outfit inspo is comforting. Since Hanne cannot currently jet off to glamorous holidays and fashion events, she’s taken to getting glammed up from the comfort of her home in Hamburg, Germany. The star jokingly remarked in one caption how the more she has been forced to stay in, the more she desires to dress up.

Her new IG series ‘Get dressed with me’ allows her followers to see what she’s wearing that day. The looks often centre around a theme. One of our favorites is her bright blue themed outfit where she pairs patent blue pants with Chanel statement jewelry and a rich blue colored Hermès Kelly 25.

In one video the influencer set herself the challenge of styling autumnal looks based on different emojis! The adorable yellow chick emoji served as inspiration for a monochrome yellow look. Hanne wore a fluffy yellow coat and lemon hued trousers with the famous Bottega Veneta Pouch in a light peach tone. Attempting to emulate the avocado emoji in all of its glamour, Hanne chose to carry Bottega Veneta’s Chain Cassette bag in a faded lime green shade. The award for our favorite look has to go to the whale emoji inspired outfit (it’s more stylish than it sounds). Hanne opted for pointed toe blue stilettos and the ever popular Prada Re-edition Nylon Pochette in electric blue. Kudos to her fun styling ideas! 

Entrepreneur and YouTuber Patricia Bright boasts an enviable luxury bag collection spanning a whole host of designers including Dior, Balmain, Jacquemus and Balenciaga, to name a few. Her style inspiration and videos detailing what it’s really like to be a successful entrepreneur and business owner are sure to keep you motivated AND entertained. 

Bright let her followers watch as she began to embark on her Hermès journey with an unboxing of her very first bag from the house. Slow old timey music played as Bright untied the ribbon on that famous orange box every Hermès lover longs to see. She revealed that her first H gem was a scarlet red Kelly Sellier 28. Bright comically referenced ‘securing the bag … literally… ’, posting a picture of her new Kelly seat belted in the back of her car – who else has done the same?! 

Few social influencers are as prolific as Italian entrepreneur and fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni. Whether you want to gawk at her insane bag collection or breathtaking views from Italian rooftops, she is a must-follow.

At PurseBop we’re no strangers to a huge designer bag collection but Chiara Ferragni’s cohort of luxury purses even has us dumbfounded. At the request of her followers Ferragni exhibited her enviable collection. Bags featured included an orange croc Birkin, the ultra rare Hermès Kelly Doll bag, ‘It’ bags like the Dior Saddle and Balenciaga Motorcycle, micro Chanel and Jacquemus styles, the new Louis Vuitton GAME ON Vanity PM and Chanel Classic Flaps in just about every color imaginable. Needless to say, we’re just a tad jealous!

In honor of the Fendi Peekaboo’s 12th birthday, Ferragni styled yellow and black versions of the bag with statement coats and heels. 

Los Angeles-based blogger and entrepreneur Kiitan Akinniranye runs her own company which makes headwraps using fabrics from local communities in Nigeria. When she’s not busy being a boss babe she loves discussing all things lifestyle and luxury fashion.

Akinniranye’s latest unboxing is a must-watch for any luxe lover eager to catch a glimpse of Prada’s newest release. Poised to be the next ‘It’ bag, the blogger shows the new Prada Cleo up close and personal. After seeing her version in the color white we may have to put the bag on our wishlist!

Lorna Andrews, known to her followers as @lornaluxe is a blogger whose body positive messages and love of a good statement blazer have become universally admired. She can always be found carrying an ‘It’ bag somewhere in London. 

In a humorous video @lornaluxe lightheartedly pokes fun at the shutdown of London shops due to the COVID-19 outbreak. She references the TV series every fashion lover was obsessed with last year – Emily in Paris. Captioned “If Emily lived in London”, the comical clip sees Andrews walk around London’s luxury stores only to find them all closed. She does so while toting a Chanel Coco Handle bag.


We couldn’t leave off our very own @pursebop from this list! PurseBop has been running her hugely popular Instagram account for quite some time. Whether posting snaps of covetable Birkin collection or sharing her favorite posts from the PurseBop community,  her IG eye candy is a must-see!

@pursebop recently revealed to her followers the latest edition to her Hermès collection – a gorgeous Mini Kelly in Bleu Brume! Along with all the must-know details mentioned in our article here at PurseBop.com (Read: Reveal: Meet My New Hermès Mini Kelly in the Prettiest Shade of Blue), @pursebop filmed not one but two reels showcasing her new beauty. Give it a watch if you want to see the bag up close and personal!

In one video @pursebop also gives us a sneak peak at her new Prada Pouch Boots which she told her followers she wore especially to document the occasion! Who else has ever dressed up to reveal a new edition to your handbag collection!

Love, PurseBop

Published: January 9th, 2021
Updated: January 11th, 2021

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