New Chanel Coco Handle Prices & Guide 2022

Editor’s Update March 1st, 2022.
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Everything You Need To Know About the Ever Popular Coco Handle

It’s official… Chanel Coco Handle prices are up as of January 18, 2022. Surely, no one is surprised. As we previously reported, price hikes were expected on this model as it evaded the big November jumps that affected Classic Flaps. And although the latest changes of $500-600 are not insignificant, they are far from the magnitude of the fall spikes. The Uber-popular mini Coco Handle moved from $4300 to $4800 (11.6%), the small from $4500 to $5000 (10%), and medium from $4900 to $5500 (12.2%).

These increases also confirm what many Chanel fans have known for quite awhile: the Coco Handle in all sizes is a very popular option. When compared to the cost of a comparably-sized Classic Flap, it’s practically a steal!
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Coco Handle Guide

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Often when Chanel releases a new handbag style, it’s met with accolades and demand. But not always. In fact, that was the case for the Coco Handle. Its journey to fame and popularity has been a long(ish) one. At introduction, the Coco Handle faced skepticism and mockery, particularly from loyalists of Hermès, for bearing a striking resemblance to a HGB, the Kelly.

However, over the years (and multiple seasons and colors), the Chanel Coco Handle garnered quite a fan base from both veteran and novice handbag enthusiasts. As a result, the Coco Handle now ranks among one of Chanel’s most popular styles.

Named after the famous founder of the brand, Gabrielle Coco Chanel, this trapezoidal beauty earned its current status. Its rise is evidenced by the systematic price hikes since its launch in 2015. Like most of the brand’s classic and newer classic styles, the Coco Handle experienced a price increase in both January and September of 2021.

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Here is a complete guide to what can be considered one of Coco’s most loved handbags:

Key Features:

The Coco Handle carries many of Chanel’s staple characteristics, plus the convenient addition of a handle. Yet the bag is priced substantially lower than the classics, but more on that later. Let’s take a deeper look into the bag, shall we?

Diamond and Chevron Quilting

First, there’s the quilted leather body. In true Chanel style, the Coco Handle features the iconic diamond quilting. Moreover, unlike the newer Chanel styles, where the quilting has seen a change in appearance (case in point – the oversize pattern on the Chanel 19), the Coco Handle’s quilting still echoes the classic style of the Chanel Flap bag.

But, if classic quilts are not for you, as with the Classic Flap,the Coco Handle also comes with Chevron quilting. Both designs are equally classic and sought after.

Coco Handle Guide

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About Chanel Coco Handle

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Back Pocket

Like the Classic Flap, the Coco Handle includes a convenient external back pocket. Who doesn’t like easy on-the-go access to their phone or credit card? The bag also has an interior slip pocket.

CC Logo

Perhaps the most iconic and recognizable Chanel code, the twist clasp with interlocked CC logo is front and center. Despite what some originally thought too Hermès-inspired, in actuality this bag screams Chanel.

Coco Handle Guide

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The Chain Shoulder Straps

What’s a Chanel bag without that interlaced chain and leather strap? Not to worry, the Coco Handle includes one! Plus, Chanel added a piece of leather at the top of your shoulder for a more comfortable shoulder carry. Moreover, it extends the bag’s versatility, taking it from a handle bag to a cross-body seamlessly. On newer models, the strap is detachable whereas it was not on the original.

About Chanel Coco Handle

The Shape:

The Coco handle comes in an eye-catching trapezoidal shape that can be spotted from afar. This difference in shape is what sets it apart from the Classic Flap and takes it closer to the Kelly.

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Variety spices up the Coco Handle. It’s available in in a multitude of fabrications including grained calfskin, smooth lambskin, tweed, and velvet (velvet being the newest entrant in this range, made its debut in Fall/Winter 2020/2021). Hardware is gold tone or lacquered metal. There’s literally something for everyone.

About chanel coco handle

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Coco Handle Guide

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Each season sees this beauty in an array of stunning colors in various materials. At the moment, ornate lambskin and iridescent pink versions of Coco Handles are available on the Chanel website.

Apart from this season’s delicious colors, the bag also comes in neutrals that are evergreen and truly classic.

About the chanel coco handle

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Chanel Coco Handle Guide

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About Chanel Coco Handle

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Chanel Coco Handle

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The versatile Coco Handle comes in four sizes. Where the Mini can house your on-the-go essentials like cards, sanitizer and lipstick, the Small size offers a little more room; both sizes are ideal for evening and night outs. The Medium Flap Bag with a top handle has enough capacity to carry everything to see you through the day. Roomy and spacious, the Large can easily hold everything to take you from noon to night, comfortably.

Coco Handle Bag StyleDimensions in inches (L X H X D)
Mini Flap Bag with Handle5.1 X 7.5 X 3.5
Small Flap Bag with Top Handle5.5 X 9.4 X 3.9
Flap Bag with Handle7.1 X 11.4 X 4.7
Large Flap Bag with Top Handle8.7 X 13 X 4.7
Coco Handle Sizes

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Coco Handle Sizes

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Like the colors that change with the seasons, so does the pricing! In 2021, the Coco Handle recorded two price hikes. The latest hit (metaphorically, and maybe emotionally too) today on Jan 18th. Of course, as is the case with all other bags, the price varies in accordance with the size and material of the chosen bag.

Chanel Bag Styles2021 Prices (USD)Current Price Jan 18th 2022 (USD)
Mini Coco Handle$4,300$4,800
Small Coco Handle$4,600$5,100
Medium Coco Handle$5,000$5,500
Chanel Bag Styles2021 Prices (USD)Current Price Jan 18th 2022 (USD)
Mini Coco Handle$4,300$4,800
Small Coco Handle$4,600$5,100
Medium Coco Handle$5,000$5,500

However, even with the price hikes, the Coco Handle remains substantially less costly than the Classic Flap Bag. For many, that makes it all the more alluring as an option. Get the key features of a Chanel classic, plus a handle. And perhaps there’s even extra cash to buy a wallet LOL.

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Chanel Coco Handle Guide

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Chanel Coco Handle Guide

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Coco Handle Guide

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Coco Handle Guide

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Coco Handle Guide

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So we can’t help but wonder whether the Coco Handle is the real Chanel deal? Regardless of its relatively newfound popularity, does it have the chops to be a forever Chanel classic? On the other hand, does the lower price point just make a deal too good to pass up?

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Published: January 18th, 2022
Updated: March 1st, 2022

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