Saying NO to a Birkin is hard to do…

What would you do if you were offered your Holy Grail Bag (HGB)... but in the wrong color & size? Our dear friend Maura has been in pursuit of her dream Hermes bag for months now, and finally received that elusive call but…


Last night I couldn’t get to sleep at all.  I lay awake and watched until the mornin’ light . . .

The Fifth Dimension, spiritually and metaphorically.  I was offered not one, not two, but three Birkins and was about to reject them all.  No wonder I tossed and turned toute la nuit.

Long the curator of a Birkin-turned-Kelly fund, I sensed the cash itching to come out and play. There were many temptations; I resisted all, still hoping for my H dream. Not wanting to blow that wad again, I checked in at my local boutique.

My lovely SA remembered my Kelly request, and assumed I had no interest in a Birkin.  Like Goldilocks, sight unseen, I rejected one as the wrong color and two as too large and incorrectly hued.  I had a quick change of heart and rushed back to see the smaller one in a classic-but-not-on-my-list color.  What an experience:  the unsealing of the box, the white gloves, the careful reveal . . . but my heart sank at the color.  It wasn’t me.  I sat and tried to convince myself.  I couldn’t pull the trigger and decided to sleep on it, risking its adoption to another home.  I called Pursebop.  One minute, the bag was mine; the next, I had to pass.

Imagine a handbag version of “he loves me, he loves me not.”  I did this throughout the night. Even when I thought I was sure, I reconsidered.  Finally, the breakthrough:  as with my husband, I would know when it was right, and since I didn’t know, it wasn’t.


Maura Carlin

Did hell just freeze over…  someone rejected Birkins, or are pigs flying?

What would you have done? My heart is set on a Kelly, but to be offered a black togo B and walk away…have I committed the ultimate Hermes sin… rejecting the B?

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1 Responses to “Saying NO to a Birkin is hard to do…”

  • I think this is what the H strategy is all about… technically it´s difficult to come across a Birkin, so whenever one finally comes along, you think it´s better to snatch it even if it´s not the ONE, rather than regret it later because you think no other will come your way and you´ll be left “Birkinless” forever…so it´s a win win for H, but what about you? At first you may be extremely happy because you finally got your first B, but then, after the thrill is gone, you´ll restart the journey of “in search of the perfect B” because you feel you´re is just not right, and you´re back to ground zero (and must I say, with many zeros less $$ on your bank account)… so I think you did well Maura, I´m sure the perfect B will come along and you won´t have second thoughts about it… it´s all a matter of patience and faith :)