The Holy Grail Bag

Do you have an ultimate holy grail bag?

PurseBop asked me that recently, and the answer is pretty obvious (to anyone who has read my posts here): an Hermes Birkin or Kelly. It lead me to wonder, though, whether that was always the case: does a holy grail bag (or HGB) change from time to time and what happens when you get it?

First, let’s be clear – this has nothing to do with The Last Supper or any collection of blood. A second definition of (holy) grail is “something that you want very much but that is very hard to get or achieve” (Merriam-°©‐Webster Dictionary on line).

Is the bag playing hard to get (like Bs and Ks) or is the price beyond your limits? No matter. Obtaining an HGB is difficult, for whatever reason. It also need not be a designer item. One Huffington Post blogger wrote about her quest for the perfect tote (and, yes Celine was among the bags considered).

As I searched for the origins of the HGB (which I’ve yet to find), I was surprised to discover that even CNN used the term last fall in referring to a “matte gray crocodile Hermes Birkin” that was to be auctioned by Christies. Another site names the 35cm Hermes White Himalayan Niloticus Crocodile Birkin with Palladium Hardware, as the holy grail. But I digress and leave you to quibble over which exotic qualifies. The real point is . . . any bag can be an HGB, not just Hermes and not just expensive.

For me, the dilemma really began once the HGB was acquired; in my case, a Chanel m/l classic lambskin flap with gold hardware. Rather than satiating desire, it fueled it. Call it a gateway to more.

What’s your ‘Holy Grail Bag’ and what happened after it became yours?

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Maura Carlin

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3 Responses to “The Holy Grail Bag”

  • “First, let’s be clear – this has nothing to do with The Last Supper or any collection of blood. A second definition of (holy) grail is “something that you want very much but that is very hard to get or achieve” (Merriam-°©‐Webster Dictionary on line).” hahahahaha you kill me Maura, I LOVE the way you write!!! like I said on Boptalk, my HGB is a Chanel Boy… any size, color or material…just a Boy… pretty sure once I get one I´ll be thrilled…of course I´ll always want more, but having one to call my own would definetely satisfy me for good. I´m very down to earth when it comes to bags, even though I´m crazy about them, I know I can´t just go out buying them, I have other priorities right now…plus, if I did that, my mom and future hubby would kill me hahahaha so I´ll leave that to the future, when hopefully I´ll be settled… once I can pay all my bills, travel as much as I´d like, give my kids (when I have them) a proper education and have savings in the bank, I´ll begin my bag journey… for now, I´ll stick to the ones I´m blessed to have ;) … great post hun!!! xoxo

  • Hello everyone ! First of all I like to say that I am so honored to be a part of this beautiful community , where we all can share our love for fashion . What is my “Holy Grail” Bag ? It’s really hard to say but , in my current collection I have three that has a special meaning to me. My first choice for number one would be my Birkin 35 in Geranium Red which was my first Birkin I ever purchased , I dreamed for years to have one , and I think your first baby always a most special one , what happens when you get one ??? you want more , lol . My second choice would by my Rose Tyrien Birkin, why does it make it so special to me? My hubby and I were vacationing in South of France, we happened to walk in the St Tropez store , and I asked them if they had any bags available, I was stunned when they offered me this Rose Tyrien beauty, it was one of most desirable colors at the time, and I believe it still is. My last choice would be My Kelly 28 in Rouge Pivoine , it isy first Kelly, and it was also purchased while recently vacationing on St Barth. It always makes the bag so special , when you get lucky and acquire one when you less expecting. Since my first Birkin Bag that I purchased little over two years ago I was lucky enough to build up my bag collection . What would be my next “Holy Grail” bag , I don’t know , we shall wait and see. Thank you everyone for taking time and reading my little story , looking forward to share many fashion thoughts with this beautiful community of fashion lovers .
    Warm Regards Everyone,
    Yanina LeCristal ❌⭕️❌⭕️

  • My Holy grail was my Louis Vuitton Suhali leather ‘Le fabuleux’ in black, I was lucky to finally find it on eBay! Don’t worry it is authentic! lol
    While I do still love the look of new bags coming out, and one’s I have missed out on previously….that one still has my heart! <3