Tiny Bag Energy and Luxury Trends with Cassie Thorpe

Welcome back to the Closet Confidential series, where we delve into the collections of influencers, community members, and self-confessed handbag enthusiasts.

Today, we’re joined by none other than Cassie Thorpe. Cassie is a UK-born, now New York City-based luxury fashion content creator. You may know her from her incredible content on YouTube and Instagram, where she discusses the latest trends, unboxes new arrivals, and showcases her fabulous handbag collection.

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From tiny bag energy, the latest trends, living in NYC, and her accessory plans for the big day in 2025 – join us as we get to know Cassie.

Can you talk us through your first-ever luxury bag, and do you still use it to this day?

It was the Louis Vuitton Neverfull, and I used that bag like it was nobody’s business! I don’t use her anymore to be perfectly honest, as I found handbags that feel a bit more ‘me’, but that bag holds a special place in my heart. 

Among your amazing handbags, which bag holds the most special place in your collection?

This is a tough question because I’m so sentimental I could mention a few but I think I have to say the blue Chanel Sunset by the Sea bag from Cruise 2019 because it’s the most ‘me’ bag Chanel has ever made. Caviar leather flap in a blue ombré with a chain top handle and canvas strap – it’s so versatile and fun and different.

Image courtesy: @itscassiethorpe

Given that your mum has an equally fabulous handbag collection, what one item would you love to ‘borrow’ on a full-time basis?

She has this amazing red fur Chanel bag that my Dad bought for her in a Chanel sale many years ago that I always gravitate to. I think it might be because it’s one of her bags that I have such vivid memories about as a tween, and I’ve been in love with it ever since. It’s tiny, so fluffy that you have to fiddle around to find the turn lock, and it has this thick multi-chain handle – it really is exquisite. What’s even more crazy is that I think my dad paid under £1,000 for it.

Image courtesy: YouTube @cassiethorpe

Image courtesy: YouTube @cassiethorpe

Could you talk us through your fabulous courthouse wedding bag? Did you consider any other designs for the day?

Within 4 hours of getting engaged, I’d filled out Heven’s ‘contact us’ form to enquire about having this bag made. I had been waiting for an excuse to have one and I thought this was the best reason – I didn’t even think about any competitors! We discussed a few colors but I loved the idea of it being a neutral metallic so I ended up with this champagne gold and obviously it had to be TBE (tiny bag energy).

Image courtesy: @itscassiethorpe

Looking ahead to the main event in 2025, can you give us any clues about what handbag you may carry? Will there be more TBE (tiny bag energy) on the big day?

Excellent question because I haven’t got it yet! I love the Elsa Perretti Bean silver clutch from Tiffany, which is so timeless, unique, and also TBE, but it’s no longer on the website, so I’ll either ferret around for it or come up with something else.

Since your move to NYC, have you found yourself gravitating towards different handbag styles?

I think so – I think I’ve gravitated a lot towards shoulder bags and I honestly have no idea why that style in particular. I also have been much more interested in vintage styles/vintage bags in general. 

Image courtesy: @itscassiethorpe

What are the design elements you look for when purchasing a new luxury bag? Any must haves?

I only really have one rule when buying a new designer bag: it has to be different to what I already have. Of course, there are some exceptions to the rule…

Image courtesy: @itscassiethorpe

As the self-confessed queen of tiny-bag energy, what are your current top three luxury mini bags?

I love the Fendi Nano Baguette Charms because they have this clasp on the back that you can attach to other bags or to a belt loop (my personal favorite) for a hands-free moment. As much as Chanel annoys me with their antics, their mini bags that live in the ‘small leather goods’ section tend to be fun and easy to use. I think I also have to include the Hermes Mini Kelly because…it’s iconic. 

Image courtesy: @itscassiethorpe

On the other end of the spectrum, what’s your go-to bag for every day?

I like to change my bag often to suit my outfits, but I love using the Dior D Joy (in the largest size, which is more of a medium). It’s an East-West style which I love, is a great everyday size, and it has top handles, a shoulder strap, and a crossbody strap, so you can use it for so many occasions. 

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We love that you’re not afraid to go for colorful bags. Is there a particular shade you’re looking to add to the rainbow lineup next?

I don’t have a lilac or a denim bag…

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Can you share your latest handbag addition?

In terms of a new purchase, I added the Savette Symmetry pouch in a light blue suede with gold hardware, but my latest purchase was the Louis Vuitton Soufflot (with matching TBE) from 2005 in Mandarin orange.

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Image courtesy: @itscassiethorpe

Do you have any luxury handbag regrets, whether it’s a bag you no longer reach for or perhaps the one that got away?

I have a hoarding problem so I tend to hold onto bags because ‘one day I’ll use it’ but probably the Jacquemus la pochette rond carré simply because of how heavy it can get. 

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Image courtesy: @itscassiethorpe

Which handbag trends for 2024 are you most excited about, and do you plan to invest in any of them?

I’ve been really excited about the East-West bag style trend, which I’ve bought my fair share of, and as controversial as it is, the bag charm trend is so fun to me! 

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What’s a brand that you think isn’t getting enough attention right now?

Brandon Maxwell does some great bags!

Any insight into your wish list for 2024?

I fell in love with the turquoise Louis Vuitton P9 leather speedy in size 25 from the Men’s FW24 collection and the shoulder Birkin in the denim/leather combination. They’re both hefty prices so I’m trying (and failing) to not be distracted by other bag launches. 

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And we can’t help but ask, what’s top of your Hermès wish list?

Definitely the shoulder Birkin – as I mentioned, I love the East-West style and I think it gives a really cool look to this well-known bag. I’m also not one to decline a special order if the Hermès fairies were to deem me worthy haha.

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Finally, what advice do you have for those looking to begin their collection and join the luxury-addicted family?

Stick to your style and what makes sense for your lifestyle – don’t just go for the bag that everyone suggests is a ‘great first designer bag’ because you won’t enjoy it and get the use out of it, if it isn’t what you really gravitate towards. Take your time to look through some options, try some on in person, and see which one really gets you excited, because you should love it – these things aren’t cheap, and the least you can ask for is to get excited to wear it!

Image courtesy: @itscassiethorpe

Be sure to follow Cassie on Instagram @itscassiethorpe for styling inspiration and tiny bag content, as well as her YouTube channel for trend insights and luxury unboxings.

Published: May 29th, 2024
Updated: May 29th, 2024

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