Two New Dior Bags for Fall/Winter 2023

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Dior is expanding . . . its handbag line. Again. Over the past few years, we’ve seen the reintroduction of the Saddle style, expansion of the Book Tote line, variations on the Lady Dior, and creation of the Bobby, 30 Montaigne and Dior Caro, to name a few. 

Now, for fall/winter 2023, the luxury purveyor quietly introduced two new bag models. In case you’ve missed them, let’s take a look at the Lady 9522 and the Nomad.

Lady 95.22

Dior Lady 95.22

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As the name itself hints, the new Lady 95.22 is a reinterpretation of the famed Lady Dior. The 95 represents the year the Lady Dior was created; the 22 for when this bag was designed. As described by the brand on its website: 

Its ultra-contemporary, subtly curved silhouette makes it a fashion statement, a promise of a bold and sophisticated look. The two handles, delicately refined with leather and metal, are punctuated with “Dior” charms, evoking the lucky-charms of Monsieur Dior.

Perhaps ironically, despite the inclusion of stiff metal in the handles, the bag itself is more casual than the traditional Lady Dior. With rounded sides, the vibe is more slouch than structure; the shape more rectangular than square. But the bag is unmistakably Dior – with the Macrocannage fabrication and the hallmark Dior bag charms.

The Lady 95.22 is available in three sizes; small, medium, and large, retailing for $6,500, $7,200, and $8,200, respectively.


Dior Nomad small bag

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Dior Nomad Bag | new dior 2023

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Also new this season is the Nomad handbag, another east-west shaped handbag with Macrocannage stitching providing a quilted effect. Whereas the Lady 95.22 reads classic, Dior describes the Nomad as a “modern, hybrid design.” The bag includes a short handle with a military-inspired CD buckle that can be adjusted for shoulder carry. Also provided is a detachable chain strap, with leather shoulder insert for comfort. In other words, versatility makes this bag perfect for your daily travels.

The small Nomad is available in latte and black, retailing for $3600. There are also pouch versions in latte, black, sand, rust, and horizon blue for $2400, as well as some fabric models.  

Dior Nomad pouch | New Dior 2023

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So, do these new additions truly advance and expand the Dior offerings? Or do you think they are just variations on the tried and true Lady Dior? Let us know what you think.

Published: January 23rd, 2023
Updated: January 31st, 2023

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