Best Handbag Investments of 2022

Shocking as it may be, we are in the final weeks of 2022. And that means it’s time for a look back, and ahead, to some of our favorite handbag investments. But let’s not focus solely on the financial aspect of investment this year, though many of our selections fit that bill. Instead, we examine the bags that work in our lives – whether for fashion or function.

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Chanel Caviar Classic Flap

Can you think of an uber-luxury handbag more classic than Chanel’s medium Classic Flap in caviar leather? Instantly recognizable with its quilted leather, CC turnlock, and leather enlaced chain strap, nearly everyone knows this bag.

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In 2021, Chanel built its entire advertising and promotional campaign around this purse, which it tagged as “Iconic.” Presently retailing for $8800, Chanel has lifted the pricing parameters substantially in the last six years. In 2016, this handbag sold for $4900. By October 2019, it was $5800. Then, over the next two years, through repeated multiple price hikes, the cost rose to the present level, approaching that of a small Hermès Birkin.

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Hermès Kelly 25

The sister bag of Hermès’ ever-popular Birkin is sometimes, unfairly, overlooked. But we suggest you take a really good look at the Kelly 25. Sized similarly to the Birkin 25, it is surprisingly roomy. Unlike the two-handled Birkin tote, this one is a single handle with a removable shoulder strap, giving the ultimate in versatility.

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Moreover, with two style options available, Retourné and Sellier, buyers can select more casual or formal types, along with leather choices. Either way, the Kelly 25 bears the classic coveted Kelly turnlock closure and clochette, and its flap front can be styled in so many ways.

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Hermès Birkin 30

Feeling like Goldilocks with bags too big or too small? Maybe the middle-of-the-road Birkin 30 is the choice for you. Although the B25 right now is extremely popular, some Hermès clients find it too small. In particular, as the bag downsizes, so do the handles, making it more difficult for some to put on their wrist or arm.

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Others find the B35 too big or, more commonly, too heavy. This is the original size, that replaced Jane Birkin’s broken straw tote. Even she, reportedly, now finds the bag too weighty.

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The Birkin 30, however, is neither too big nor too small. Many consider it the perfect size- holds enough and not too much. The handles fit comfortably around one’s wrist making the bag easy to carry. And it is priced between the B25 and B35. For point of reference, those styles in Togo leather sell at $10,100 and $12,400, respectively. The B30 is $11,300. Maybe, it’s just right for you.

Hermès Mini Kelly

This mini-size bag packs a mighty punch. Although big bags are returning to the fashion forefront, this style bucks the trend. In fact, the demand for the Mini Kelly has only increased. In fact, it is arguably the hottest and most coveted Hermès bag at the moment. Talk about tiny-but-mighty.

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While an Epsom Mini Kelly retails for $8,250, a brand-new one trades for $30,000 at Ann’s Fabulous Finds, that is triple the original price.

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Currently the apple of every fashionista’s eye, the Hermès Mini Kelly might just be the perfect little sweet treat to add to your collection. Will you be welcoming one to the H family?

Hermès Faubourg Birkin 20

Among Hermès aficionados, a common dream is living in the Hermès mothership in Paris at Rue de Faubourg Saint Honoré. What’s the next best thing? Clearly it would be carrying Hermès FSH as a bag.

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The Faubourg Birkin 20 is an Hermès lover’s dream bag. It retails at the boutique for approximately $30,000. One is presently up for auction at Christie’s with a starting price of $90,000. It is estimated to sell for $100-120,000.

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Hermès Diamond Himalayan Birkin

There’s no doubt which bag is the holy grail of holy grails – the Diamond Himalayan Birkin. That’s right, it’s not enough to just be  fabricated in rare Himalayan niloticus crocodile. Adding diamonds is a surefire way to ensure that this one is the most expensive Birkin on the block. Which, in this case, is the auction block.

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Featuring 18 carat white gold hardware with 8.2 carats worth of diamonds, it is truly a statement bag. It retails for $250,000, for those lucky enough to purchase at a Hermès boutique. The latest auction price was over $440,000 USD.

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Hermès Kelly Pochette

With Hermès changing the rules, the Kelly Pochette has become a quota bag in most boutiques. This clutch bag is even harder to find than a Birkin 30 or Kelly 25. A Kelly Pochette in swift leather retails for $6,050.

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The latest auction price for a USED Kelly pochette from Heritage Auctions is $14,000. With limited quota bags available, it seems there is more attention on the Kelly Pochette, Cut and Danse versions.

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Louis Vuitton Virgil 2022 Keepall

Virgil Abloh’s final collection, Fall 2022, is a Louis Vuitton collector’s dream. Rainbow hues and vibrant ombre colors characterized these Taurillon Illusion bags. Additionally, Louis Vuitton fabricated the bag in a metallic silver.

Image Credit: Louis Vuitton

Bright and shiny, you couldn’t miss it, especially when featured on Kylie Jenner. The retail price was around $4500. If you surf the internet you’ll find the bag typically at a higher price.

Kylie Jenner LV Keepall

Image Credit: @kyliejenner

Even between these styles, it’s so hard to choose just one. Stylish, sophisticated with a dash of Virgil charm. These Louis Vuitton Keepalls are sure to be a focal point of any collector’s closet.

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Dior Lady Dior

Twenty-five years after her premature death, we still can’t stop following Princess Diana’s style. Now, Dior is offering an opportunity to own a bag identical to the one Di carried at the Met Gala in 1996. It is reissuing its ever-popular mini Lady Dior bag in the navy satin that matched her gown that evening.

Dior Diana Bag

Image Credit: Dior

If you want it, act fast, as Dior is only making 200 of this cutie. It will sell for $6100 in the United States. However, in Europe (for those of you heading or living abroad) the price is lower at €5000. No doubt this will become a collector’s item, if it isn’t already.

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Bottega Veneta Teen Jodie

Don’t let the name fool you . . . there’s nothing teenage about this bag. Available in the brightest of bright colors, no one will miss your stylish accessory. Which, if you think about it, is humorous since Bottega Veneta historically produced quality under-the-radar bags.

Teen Jodie Bags

Image Credit: @boptalk

Using it’s hallmark intrecciato woven leather technique, this hobo-style bag, size-wise, sits squarely between the mini and small sizes. It adds the perfect touch of chicness to any wardrobe or ensemble. The Teen Jodie is sure to find its way onto a few wishlists this holiday season.

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YSL iCare Maxi Tote

With the YSL iCare Maxi, you truly can tote your entire life with you! Big and bold, with large gold lettered YSL, it packs quite a punch, and everything else.

iCare Tote YSL

Image Credit: Saint Laurent

Made in quilted leather, this north-south hobo-style sac is seen on celebrities around the world. Winter, spring, summer, and fall, it is a bag for all- people, seasons, and years. It retails for $4900.

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Are any of these bags in your closet or on your wishlist? Let us know, as well as what you plan to add to your collection in 2023.

Published: December 15th, 2022
Updated: December 15th, 2022

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