Valentine’s Bags You’ll Fall Head Over Heels in Love With

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and while some bemoan the sugary sentiments of a “Hallmark holiday,” here at PurseBop we have a soft spot in our hearts for any day that celebrates love. Plus, it’s the perfect day for a date—whether it’s with your SO or just your gals.

And you know what a date means: a carefully-planed outfit, complete with a perfect bag. This Valentine’s Day, why not find a holiday-appropriate bag to complement your look? Here we’ve curated a few that we’ve spotted recently—from subtle and elegant to bold and maximalist. As long as you love pink and red hues as much as we do, there’s sure to be a bag here that’ll be your Valentine.


For the Bold, Maximalist Collector

All about love and ready to show the world? (As well as big font, logomania, and floral designs?) This bag’s for you.

Gucci GG Marmont 2.0 Imitation Pearl Embellished Velvet Crossbody Bag via Nordstrom


Click to view on Nordstrom’s website

For Those Who Want to Fully Embrace the Symbol of Love

Sweet and perfect for adding a bit of cheekiness to your outfits year-round, these playful bags let you wear your heart on your sleeve—well, shoulder.

Saint Laurent Sac Cœur Heart Bags & Clutches


Photo courtesy: Saint Laurent

Louis Vuitton New Wave Heart Bag


Photo courtesy: Louis Vuitton

For Collectors Wanting Just a Touch of Valentine’s Day Charm

If a full-on heart is too much for you, why not try something with the same sentiment, just expressed in a more subtle fashion?

Dolce & Gabbana Mini Devotion Leather Crossbody Bag via Saks


Click to view on Saks’ website

For Those Seeking Something More Subtle

We get it—you want to embrace the spirit of Valentine’s Day without any of its overt symbols. These classic bags in sweetheart hues are the way to go.

Loewe Gate Mini Textured-Leather Shoulder Bag via Net-a-Porter


Click to view on Net-A-Porter

Chanel Wallet on Chain (WOC) in Pink


Photo courtesy: Chanel

Any of these strike your fancy? Tell us what you’ll be wearing below, and don’t forget to mention the bag you’ll be taking along! We’re looking forward to reading about your outfits.

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