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Let’s say a fashionista who’s just beginning to dip her toes into the world of handbags has a little money to play with. While she loves bold prints and statement bags, she wants to start off her handbag journey making wise decisions—which bags will be a great investment? Which will be the most functional and add timeless value to her collection? She knows what she wants, but doesn’t know which luxury bags fit her criteria. Enter PurseBop.

We’ve been buying, using, and researching handbags for quite a while now, and we know which bags are absolute staples. The 10 bags below—replete with full descriptions and links to in-depth articles—aren’t going out of style anytime soon. If you’re just starting to build your collection, or want some timeless bag-spiration, look no further!

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Chanel Classic Flap



What would this list be without the Chanel Classic Flap? Well, incomplete, certainly. Some little girls—budding fashionistas—daydream about the day they get their hands on their first Classic Flap. It’s the definition of iconic, a true “It” Bag. (Read: The Ultimate “It” Bag Analysis) It’s endlessly versatile, and has never gone out of style. (We’d wager that it never will.) Dress it up or dress it down. Worth the investment? Absolutely.

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Saint Laurent Sac de Jour



Ah, the lovely Sac de Jour. Somewhat reminiscent of the Birkin, the Sac de Jour is Saint Laurent’s simpler (and less expensive!) take on Hermès’ classic. It’s a beautiful work or everyday bag that can be paired with any kind of outfit. As we’ve said before, it’s the quintessential bag for the modern woman. With a classic style, the Sac de Jour is here to stay in the fashion world.

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Take a look at the Sac de Jour via Barneys

Céline Luggage Tote



Since its debut in 2009, the Luggage Tote has established its reputation as Céline’s most iconic bag. Adored by fashionistas and celebrities alike, the Luggage Tote is a bag that defines the modern era of fashion. Get a small one for a day exploring a new city, or a large one to tote around your work needs or to use as a travel bag. Practical, structured, and beautiful.

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Louis Vuitton Neverfull



A cult favorite, the Louis Vuitton Neverfull only came out in 2007, but you’d be hard-pressed to walk down a city street and not see quite a few out and about. It seems like everybody owns one. With a large body, the Neverfull is a true carryall that lives up to its name. It’s a timeless design, with the classic LV canvas, and it’s perfectly functional. Its structured shape gives it a bit more formality than its popular rival, the Goyard St. Louis (listed below).

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Dior Lady Dior



Nicknamed the “Princess Bag” after Princess Diana popularized it, the Lady Dior is the French maison’s iconic purse. With classy quilted leather, it’s almost Dior’s counterpart to the Chanel Classic Flap, but the Lady Dior is structured entirely differently—it’s a small tote, with a main zipper compartment, as opposed to a flap bag. The Lady Dior is a simple beauty that’s sure to add charm to any outfit.

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Saint Laurent Wallet on Chain (WOC)



If you’re on-the-go and don’t need many essentials, a WOC (Wallet on Chain) is the perfect accessory. And no one does it better than Saint Laurent. The Saint Laurent WOC, with its chevron leather pattern and large central hardware, is modern, fresh, and bold. It’s a great Little Black Bag (read: Back to Basics: Little Black Bags) or pop of color, and makes every outfit a bit more polished.

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Take a look at the WOC via Nordstrom

Goyard St. Louis



Hailed as the “Tote of Totes,” the Goyard St. Louis brings effortless Parisian style to everyday life. With less structure than the LV Neverfull—and slightly less noticeability—it evokes a more casual vibe, and is also ideal for nesting bags (read: Nesting Bags: How To Travel With Handbags). Endlessly practical.

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Alexander McQueen Box Clutch



We haven’t spent much time talking about Alexander McQueen here on PurseBop, as their clothing makes a bigger splash than their bags, but these clutches are an exception. Everyone needs a small clutch for those dressy evenings, and the perfect one comes in the form of Alexander McQueen’s box clutches. Since they’re available in different designs, colors, and shapes, it’d be hard not to find one that suits your style longterm. And don’t forget the skull clasp—subtle but edgy!

Take a look at various Alexander McQueen box clutches:

Alexander McQueen Satin Knuckle Box Clutch via Saks
Alexander McQueen Queen & King Skull Leather Box Clutch Bag via Neiman Marcus
Alexander McQueen Stone Knuckle Leather Clutch via Saks

Chanel Boy Bag



We’ve been Boy-crazy since 2011 when it comes to Chanel! 2011 was a big year for Chanel—it’s when the fashion house introduced what would become one of its most iconic bags and bestsellers. The appeal of the Boy is similar to the Classic Flap, but it gives off more of a utilitarian air, versus the Classic Flap’s feminine flair. Don’t worry about this one going out of style anytime soon.

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Chloé Drew Bag



In the past decade, Chloé has come up with a number of hit bags. From the Faye to the recent Nile, there’s no stopping the chic Parisian house. But we’d wager that if there’s one with serious staying power, it’s the Drew. The Drew is wonderfully simple, yet surprisingly original and elegant. With no noticeable branding, it adds a minimalist fashionista air to your look. And in black? Well, then it’s the perfect Little Black Bag.

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Take a look at the Drew via Barneys



Tell us—which of these bags is your favorite? Do you own any already? Are any of these staple bags on your wishlist? Did we miss any? Let us know below!

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Love, PurseBop

Published: September 18th, 2017
Updated: September 18th, 2017

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