What Bags Did You Buy in 2018?

How do you measure a year? In bags, of course. With 2019 in full swing, we’re taking a look back to see what you carried throughout 2018. We combed through our Instagram feed, BopTalk, blog posts, and #bagsof2018forpursebop, and we compiled a list of PurseBop community favorite bags and trends in no particular order.


Hermès Birkin 30


Of course, some things are tried and true. The Hermès Birkin epitomizes what it means to be a classic bag, and for many it is the ultimate Holy Grail Bag. And while we have seen trend shifts in bag size, the Birkin 30 continues on as a staple bag. The perfect medium size for an everyday bag, it’s good to see it on our list.

Hermès Kelly 28


Another Hermès staple, the Kelly 28 was a very a là mode model in 2018. The smallest of the medium size Kellys, the 28 is large enough to fit all your everyday items while still being light and easy to carry, either by hand or shoulder. It is one of your favorite styles in a just-large-enough size, which is why it was so frequently featured on social media this year. PurseBop herself picked up a new Kelly 28 in 2018!

Hermès Evelyne


The Evelyne is an incredibly popular Hermès bag, and for good reason! It’s a simple and handy alternative to the B/K/C trifecta.  At a much lower price point, it’s quite convenient. The bag slings on or across your shoulder quite nicely, and lies flat and unobtrusively against your side. The removable adjustable strap can be swapped for other styles and brands, letting you personalize your look. If you bike (hello, New Yorkers!) Evelyne makes for a stylish ride.



2018 was the year for mini bags. From small versions of the classic Bs, Ks, and Chanel mini flaps to tiny LV backpacks, small is very big right now. They are easy to transition from day to night and won’t weigh you down. It also helps that they make for really cute Instagram pictures.

Chanel Vanity Case


Making a big showing at Chanel Cruise 2019 in new colors and patterns, the Vanity Case is a great chain bag. The bag has a vintage style and feel, which very much plays into the era of fashion nostalgia that was so prevalent in 2018.

Chanel PVC


One of the biggest fashion headlines of last year was Chanel’s ban on exotics. Thankfully, PVC has our animal-friendly back. PVC Chanel was a major player in street style and at NYFW in 2018. With both translucent and clear versions, we’re excited to see who’s wearing these bags (and what’s inside them!).

Dior Saddle Bag


Dior’s reissuance of the iconic Saddle bag of the late 1990s and early 2000s took fall 2018 by storm. From NY Fashion Week to Instagram feeds, the hit bag blends vintage nostalgia with chic functionality. It looks just as great in hand as it does cross body, and Dior’s wide array of patterns and styles makes the bag continuously fresh.



We are in the height of logomania. Across styles and brands, the monogram and chunky label which made its resurgence in 2017 continued to dominate in 2018. Having the brand’s name easily visible has been trendy in part due to social media and the recognition it affords. Will the trend continue on into 2019? We will have to wait and see, but so far, 2019 is pretty high on the logos.

As we finish off our first month of 2019, it’s exciting to look ahead and predict the new trends to come. It seems like we can expect more minis in the future, with the new mini Lindy just teased (Read: Did You See the Little Lindy?). Do you think that other hot trends, such as logomania will be just as prevalent in this new year? What do you think will be the next big thing? We can’t wait to see what you bag! Join the conversation and share YOUR favorite bags of 2018 on BopTalk and Instagram using the hashtag #bagsof2018forpursebop!

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