Which Bag Would You Take to the Holiday Party?

Holiday season is in full swing, and we can’t help but wonder… What’s the ideal handbag for holiday parties? Whether it’s a Christmas or New Years party, a cute bag is a must.

After considering what attributes make for the ideal holiday party bag—clutch-sized, maybe crossbody, perhaps in festive colors—we’ve come up with a list of our five favorite luxury handbags that were simply made for a jolly good time. Ready for some gorgeous eye-candy? We can’t wait to hear which one you’ll choose as your favorite.

Absolutely stunning. @cloudcolorzz

1. Kelly Pochette

Nothing evokes old-fashioned glamor and elegance quite like the Kelly Pochette, the little sister of the Hermès Kelly. While this bag certainly isn’t hands-free, which some might consider a downside, it can be tucked easily in the crook of your arm. A Pochette in red (like the one pictured below) is a bonus.

Who could resist an exotic Pochette? @classybubbly

2. Chanel Minaudière

PurseBop’s love for Chanel Minaudières simply knows no bounds. Whether it’s the Lego Clutch, the Over the Moon, or the Matryoshka bag, Chanel always knows how to do tiny whimsical bags right. Minaudières immediately turn heads and look immediately festive with their sparkles and gold and silver details. They’re the perfect way to dress up a simple ensemble.




3. Mini Kelly

For many, the mini Kelly is the perfect occasion bag—Hermès sophistication combined with a clutch size and shoulder strap. What more could you want? The mini K is one of the most versatile bags out there, especially when you don’t need to tote that much around. If you’re lucky enough to own one, this might be the way to go. (Read: The Hermes Mini Kelly is Back!)

Mini Kelly (left) in Gris Asphalte. @rkrisss

4. Gucci Sylvie (In Red, Naturally)

This might be the most surprising bag on this list, since it’s contending with Hermès and Chanel, but there’s no denying the Sylvie is a bona fide holiday bag. In red in particular, this cute shoulder bag adds a pop of holiday spirit to any outfit. The green and red bow is irresistible.


5. Sparkly Classic Flap

We’re sure you expected to see a Classic Flap on this list. But for the holidays, not just any Classic Flap will do. (Well, technically it will, but it may not exactly fit the spirit of the season.) For a touch of glam, we’re proponents of the sparkly Flap—whether that’s crystal-encrusted, beaded, or metallic. PurseBop’s personal favorite is shown below.

PurseBop’s beloved sparkly Chanel Flap

chanel mini mini flap


Which of these five bags would you take to the holiday party? And tell us—which bag did you (and will you) take with you this holiday season? We’re dying to know your personal style!

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Published: December 21st, 2019
Updated: December 21st, 2019

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