Beware of the Birkin Bandit: The Case of Sex And The City's Stolen Birkin


Everyone’s favourite Sex And The City spinoff just got a new storyline, and believe it when we say, we had an old fashioned gasp and clutched our pearls when we saw this one. It’s all about Birkins, but more specifically, Birkin theft! Yes, you read that right, beware the Birkin bandit! He’s supposedly been let loose in New York City.

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According to a recent post by, Season 2 of the hit HBO Max series, And Just Like That, will show Carrie Bradshaw’s new gal pal stuck in a seriously sticky situation. Seema Patel (portrayed by actress Sarita Choudhury) is Carrie’s high profile real estate broker by day, and seriously glamorous bestie by night (although the lines are blurred between these- after all we could all use a power broker past dusk and a BFF at every hour!).

In newly released stills, we can see Miss Seema caught up in a flurry. “From the looks of it, [she] was strolling Park Avenue, clad in a fabulous Fendi kaftan and Gucci heels, when a Chris Pratt lookalike snatched her orange, ostrich leather Birkin 35 right out of her hands,” says Alexandra Pauly of HighSnobiety. Ouch! That’s gotta hurt. Ever so resourceful and quick-on-her-feet (literally), a second still from And Just Like That’s costume department’s Instagram account shows the fashionable New Yorker making a run for it as she dashes after the culprit and prized B35.

As much as we’d wish such a topic was only something we see on screen, luxury theft has, in fact been on the rise across the US and, indeed, the world. We’ve covered extensively over the past year (and continue to do so) numerous incidences of home robberies, follow-off robberies and smash-and-grabs all targeting the luxury community. From watches to jewellery to handbags and everything in between, people now more than ever are seriously on high alert when it comes to protecting their luxury goods.

A rise in follow-off robberies (those where the target is followed and mobbed/attacked one close to home or alone in closed or secluded quarters) in the greater Los Angeles area has prompted police to issue several warnings and tips to those sporting their luxury goods in public, and even while storing them at home. Among them, the LAPD recommend being highly aware of one’s surroundings (though this is something we all can practise regardless), ensuring that they are in well-light areas at night with others and making sure that their products are insured.

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We’ve complied a guide at the following link on the topic, and have expanded on how members of the luxe community can keep their items safe.

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For more on And Just Like That’s Birkin debacle, head to this link. 

What are you thoughts on this topic? Does seeing such a real-life possibility play out on screen make you want to carry your goods less? How have your buying habits changed (if at all) ever since a rise in crime in the luxury community?

Be sure to share your thoughts with us…

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