Coco Chanel Muse, Jeanne Moreau, Passes Away


As I’m sure many of you PurseBop francophiles know, the legendary screen siren, Jeanne Moreau passed away yesterday at the age of 89. Perhaps most famous for her collaborations with director François Truffaut (who often cast her as a sultry femme fatale), Jeanne also became a French style icon who counted Coco Chanel as one of her close friends and collaborators.

Moreau was known for her effortless fashion and her ability to transform through her incredibly expressive face and most especially, through the way she wore her clothes and costumes. It’s no wonder that when Coco Chanel was hired to design costumes for Louis Malle’s film The Lovers she took a liking to Moreau and frequently invited her to her home.

According to WWD, in the last few days, fashion industry names such as Caroline de Maigret, Giambattista Valli, and Moreau’s former co-star, Brigitte Bardot posted tributes for the talented and stylish actress.

Though all of you PurseBoppers have a diversity of style and approach to fashion, I’m curious…who are your fashion inspirations? Are there particular films, movie stars, historical style icons who inform your personal aesthetic?

Let us know in the comments!

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Mark Shaw for LIFE Magazine 1957
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So I just learned something today, even though I grew up watching French movies in their original language, I never heard that Jeanne Moreau was Coco Chanel muse…..when I grew up my Icon was Catherine Deneuve, her beauty was unparalleled (for me). I honestly don’t like her performance as an actress because she is to “monotone ” in her tone of voice, to cold, with no passion, but something about her always draws me to her… and of course she was YSL muse and was carrying it very well…I feel privileged to have been part of the most phenomenal time for French movies ….the list of French actors and actresses is endless…. now I barely look at movies ?Great article as usual.. Thank you ?✨?

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