Going Gold: An Unexpected Reveal!


I love Hermes colors – neutrals and pops of color alike! The colors that H makes are just ?… for those who know me, they know I am a ‘list’ kinda girl. I have lists of pretty much everything in life so no surprise I have one for the colors and bag styles to get too??… when I started my H journey I knew I HAD to at some point get Malachite, Rouge Casaque, Bleu electric, Anemone as my pops of color and etain, etoupe, black, gold as my ‘must-have’ neutrals.
And so the journey began! All my pops of color I am happy to report I either have them or they are somewhere in the H vortex being diligently worked upon my skilled H artisans (or so I would like to believe – no clue when I will get those Special Orders (SO) in reality but I have already made them mine in my virtual collection?)… after all, it’s just a matter of waiting and adding them physically to my collection! Remember, in the H world patience is a virtue? Yup easier said then done ?
Anyway, so back to my ‘golden’ reveal! I assuaged my love for gold with my gold Evelyn pm. But somehow that ‘love’ didn’t work. The straps of my evie would hurt my shoulders every time I took her out for long outings even though I never had much inside the bag. So somewhere at the back of my mind I always knew the evie at some point would have to be replaced by gold B or K. I wanted gold Kelly more than a Birkin. Why? Because I already have an Etain B35, Rouge Casaque B30, malachite B30, and a SO B30 (which will come wandering around when I least expect it. Please let it not be next week ???. For gods sake I just bought a bag yesterday!). I love Birkin and Kelly alike. So far I have an etoupe Kelly 28 and placed a Kelly 25 SO in April this year. Plus, I have a Bleu Saphir Kelly Cut. So, guess what would make my Kelly family complete? Yes if you guessed a gold Kelly 32????… I am all about variety! Check out my article ‘Being Limitless’ on here boptalk. I love having variety of bag styles and sizes. So a gold Kelly 32 was a no brainer for me.
Of course I didn’t expect it to happen so soon. Yesterday I went to the store to support my BFF who was picking up her gorgeous SO. As I was talking to my SA, she asked me which bag was on my list next and I said a gold K32 or gold K28 with GHW. She looked at me and said ‘let me go back and get you shawls to try out’. As I was happily wandering around the store looking at eye candy my SA comes back with a huge ?box. I swear I was sweating profusely thinking this can’t be happening so fast. I just told my SA what I was thinking of. She can’t just go back and get it or can she??…. when she opened the box, lying inside was Ms. Goldie looking oh-so pretty and playing havoc with my brains! I was at crossroads thinking – should I take it? But what if my SO comes too? – clearly I was having a minor meltdown right there in the store. Thankfully my bestie was there! And she took me out to lunch to give me time to think. The two of us have no recollection of what we ordered and what we ate. All the while we kept talking and being in a daze as to what my next steps should be. After much incoherent brainstorming ? (since neither could think straight), I decided to pull the trigger and get Ms. Goldie home. All this while I was also furiously texting my other besties all across the continent and the states (you know how you are!) … oh thank the lord for best friends ????… I love mine to the moon and back ❤️❤️….We went back to my store with a set mind where my SA knew my decision even before I told her (that woman knows me too well?) and wrapped this beauty up for me.
I can’t believe Ms. Goldie is mine!!! I feel blessed, humbled and thankful for what I have…. and now I am making my way to time out corner as fast as my feet can carry me … till the time my SA calls me with the magic words ‘your SO is here’ … thank you everyone for sharing my excitement and journey in bringing my golden beauty home ?

Love always,

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Amazing! You are so lucky to have your next bag so quickly!!! :)
It was meant to be then. Enjoy, she is too pretty!

  • Thank you so much! It was unexpected timing! I knew I wanted it one day but not that very day till I saw her and then I knew any battle was futile ????.. even now I keep looking at her to make sure it wasn’t just a dream❤️❤️

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