Maybe RiRi Got The Chanel Box Set in Red ???


One of the most successful singers on the planet has been in the news this week not for any new release or public appearance, but for the sight of her gorgeous derriere and the equally stunning extra-mini Chanel bags strung across her bikini clad body!

In her recent Instagram post, RiRi was spotted wearing Harley Viera Newton’s vintage inspired Cherry Print Bikini. Accompanying the bikini, were two über stunning Chanel Extra-Mini Flap Bags. And completing the look were a pair of Chrome Hearts’s limited-edition Sluterella shades.

Focusing on the bags… Strung cross body are two miniature versions of the Classic Chanel Flap bag, in red and pink. With tiny bags facing their moment of glory at the moment, these bags are incredibly difficult to get a hold of. In fact, these micro mini bags are currently seldom seen outside of the box set. Read:The Chanel Quilted Box Set with 4 Mini Bags . Priced at around $18,000, the set consists of a Classic Flap Bag, a Reissue, a Boy Bag and a Gabrielle. Rihanna appears to be enjoying her Christmas vacation in Barbados with not one, but two Chanel Micro Mini Box Sets!

A fashionista ahead of the times, Rihanna was spotted with an über tiny Chanel bag way back in 2014 as well . Onlookers thought it to be a stunning piece of jewelry, but it was in fact the smallest rendition of the iconic flap bag in silver. Being limited edition, the micro bag is super difficult to find but we did spot a similar version of the micro bag on Chanel’s website under “Belt bags” retailing for $1,150.

Any last minute Christmas shopping waiting to be fulfilled?!

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