Have You Ever Met a $230K Kelly?!?


Remember the über-rare, sterling silver, Hermès Kelly 15 that Kylie Jenner bought herself this Christmas that made all our hearts skip a beat? (Read: Do you want Kylie Jenner’s Sterling Silver Hermès Mini Kelly) Well, missed a chance to bid for the identical piece at a recently-held luxury auction featuring this and many other rare and NEW Hermès treasures.

A special mention for the silver masterpiece – accompanied by the collective gasp it well deserved, the bidding was fierce and ultimately sold at a whopping $180,000. Remember though, at an auction there are buyer’s premiums. In this, those premiums add an extra 20 or 25% to the winning bidder’s price. Then add sales tax. The ultimate cost to purchase this bag … $230,000 (All inclusive)!

The bag is the cherry on the fashionista’s collection who now owns it. Measuring 5.5” in width and standing 4”tall, its unique opening mechanism and sterling silver Chaine d’Ancre strap render it not just the perfect handbag but a dreamy piece of jewelry!

The two Himalayan Birkins that were also up for grabs sold at around $200,000 each, proving our hunch (Read: Meet the Rarest Birkins and Kellys in the World at Greenwich Luxury Auctions) that exotics aren’t the only coveted materials for Birkins and Kellys. Metallics (and not necessarily metal) are infact are very in at the moment.

Other noteworthy pieces that sold at record prices included a B25 Ombre Lizard Bag with palladium hardware for $68,000 + taxes and an alligator Kelly Pochette Clutch with Gold Hardware for $31,250 + taxes.

With each piece being super rare and super unique we are not surprised at the prices they fetched. Can’t wait to see them out and about. Stay tuned for updates right here on Boptalk.

Photo Courtesy: Greenwich Luxury Auctions

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