BOY I Want U…

After yesterdays extensive study of #YearRoundWhite, my “pangs of desire” for this baby BOY are, well… and to make matters worse we have dedicated much of this week to BOYS!

Define “pangs of desire” : noun

  1. a sudden feeling of mental or emotional distress or longing: “a pang of remorse; a pang of desire.”
  2. a sudden, brief, sharp pain or physical sensation; spasm: “hunger pangs.”

 18  17  16  15

Bag Details:

Style number: A67086
Color: 10800 Ivory
Leather: Iridescent Calfskin
Hardware: Aged Gold

HELP: “To buy” or “not to buy” is the question…  Keep in mind I have this BAD BOY… 


Too similar? We just did declare WHITE as YEAR ROUND? 

Love PurseBop

Published: January 7th, 2015
Updated: May 19th, 2017

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