Chanel Has Us Going in Circles with a Clutch

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In Chanel clutches, apparently circles are the new rectangle. We’re so accustomed to the classic four-sided Chanel flap that anything different is, well, jarring. Or in this case, has us going round and round.

What are we discussing? The little-noticed round clutch with chain. It’s neat, sweet and petite. It’s also pretty affordable. We’ll let you decide whether it is practical.


The round chain clutch is pretty small. Some might call it more of a coin purse or an accessory for your purse. A basic version in black quilted leather measures in at  4.7″x 4.7″ x 1.8. In other words, an iPhone X likely won’t fit and forget about any plus size device. But if your needs are little, it certainly can hold a credit card, some cash and lipstick.


This circle bag has a zipper top with an interior open pocket. Small enough to be comfortable in your hand, it also can dangle from its chain strap. Perhaps attach it to one of your larger purses for that bag-on-bag-on-bag look Chanel has been pushing. (Read Chanel Cruise 2019-20 Is On Track; How Many Bags Can You Wear At One Time).


The round clutch also goes beyond basic quilted black lambskin. There are models in camellia-embossed leathers (red and black), tweeds, and even the latest mock croc.

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The best part of this cutie . . . is the price. Ranging from $1400-$1650, it is nearly half the price of a Chanel classic mini. On the other hand, it holds substantially less.

Are you circling this bag on your must-have list? Or will you go round it? Let us know.

Published: June 14th, 2019
Updated: June 14th, 2019

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