Dear PurseBop: How Do I Build a Relationship With an Hermès SA if there isn’t a Store in My City?

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How Do I Become a VIP at Louis Vuitton and other Luxury Houses?


We’ve been buying LV bags for 10 years now, and it is not an exorbitant amount. Like maybe 1-3 bags and SLGs per year. My husband recently asked me if I am a VIP already. I said I am not sure. Do I have to ask my SA to become one or do I need to buy a variety of products to be considered a VIP? Thank you!

Dear Am I A VIP:

Becoming a VIP at any luxury house is a term that is not always clearly defined at luxury boutiques because it varies from company to company.

It is generally reserved for clientele who are frequent shoppers, who have a healthy and regular spending profile, have an excellent relationship with their Sales Associate and/or store manager, and are loyal to the brand.

However, sometimes it has less to do with how much you spend and more to do with your relationship with your SA, the manager or director of the store, and your loyalty to the brand.

Feel free to ask your sales associate what criteria is considered when deciding if a client is a VIP. Many times it is an unspoken term that is reflected in how you are treated. Are you invited to their special events, seasonal debuts of their new products and ready to wear, their opening of new stores or departments in your city or nearby, or other special celebrations? If not, let your SA know you would love to attend events at your store and be advised of new products released each season.

Our suggestion is to engage in the entire experience of shopping at your favorite luxury boutique of choice. Attend their openings and special events, visit on a regular basis just to say hello, shop, and check in, and be friendly with everyone you come in contact with at the store. You never know who the manager or director of the store may be without a formal introduction.

Make them want you and your bubbly personality present at their events. Shopping is all about having a good time. And happy people exude happy experiences.


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Can I Ask for an Hermès Non-Quota Bag While Waiting for an Offer of a Quota Bag?


Can I ask for an Hermès non-quota bag while waiting for an offer of a quota bag? Or is that too much? Should I only ask for 1 bag at a time?

Dear Can I Ask for a Non-Quota Bag:

While waiting for an offer of a quota bag, you can absolutely ask for a non-quota bag or other leather products unless your SA has told you otherwise due to the limited stock.

If the non-quota bag is in stock at your store in the specifications (color, leather, hardware) you desire, it should not affect your ability to be offered a quota bag when one becomes available for you.

If it is not in stock, as has been the case the past 2 years due to low inventory and high demand, ask your SA if they will contact you when one becomes available.

Due to a leather shortage in Paris and higher demand for all bags, it can take 6 months or a year for a non-quota bag to become available. It depends of its popularity, desirability, and availability.

Be patient, stay in regular communication with your SA, visit the store regularly to shop, and enjoy the journey. While waiting explore all areas of the Hermès boutique. You may find items you never considered before that you desire.

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How Do I Navigate Building a Relationship With an Hermès SA if I Do Not Have a Store Near My Home?


I have come to that point in my life where I am in the financial position for a Birkin to be possible. I have been shopping from Hermès sporadically online for about three years now and recently have been purchasing more items that I’ve been interested in because I’ve been able to. I am trying to determine how to build up a relationship with an SA in a store. I live in Utah so my nearest store is Colorado or Las Vegas, neither of which are close. I am from Southern California and go back to visit family a couple times a year.

My question is, how should I navigate trying to build a relationship with an SA when I don’t live near a store. My first choice would be Costa Mesa.

I’m just a bit lost as to what I should do and how I should approach this dilemma.

Dear No Hermès Boutique Near Me:

Although you do not have an Hermès store in your hometown, it sounds like you have many great locations to choose from to begin your journey.

First, it is important to choose one location and remain loyal to that location. Whether it is Costa Mesa or Beverly Hills, California, Las Vegas, Pennsylvania or Colorado. It sounds like you prefer Costa Mesa which is a good choice since you are from California and visit family often. However, whichever location you choose, be sure to commit to it so you don’t waste your time and money in a location then decide to shop in another location.

Once you have decided on an Hermès location, visit that store when you are in town. Many of the boutiques have opened their doors to walk-ins and have eliminated the lines out front. This allows you to walk in, browse around, listen to different SA’s and their interaction with their clients, and decide if this location is right for you. Also, you are able to decide if there is one SA you would like to work with. If you find one, wait until they are free and approach them and discuss working with them. Explain your situation and find out if it will benefit you to work with them exclusively.

Alternatively, you can arrive in the morning when the store opens and it is likely to be less busy. Once inside, ask to meet with a manager. Explain to the manager that you do not live near a store and you want to shop exclusively at this location with one SA. Let the manager know that you need an SA that is responsive to requests via text or email because you are not able to physically come to the store on a regular basis. Find out if they are able and willing to ship you items when you are not in town. The manager can assign an SA to you based on what you have told them about your situation.

Be sure to inform the manager or SA that you have been shopping online and love the brand, but now you realize it is better to build a relationship with one SA who can help you build a spending profile to lead to an offer of a quota bag.

Being open about what you want, your goals, what type of products you like to purchase is the best way to begin your interaction. Open communication is the best way to navigate a relationship with Hermès and your SA. Ask as many questions as possible so you know exactly what to expect.

Once you have established a relationship with one SA you will be in a better position to navigate the process and submit a wish list of bags you desire. Be loyal to that location and the SA and build from there. Remain in regular contact with your SA via text or email. Inquire about products, make purchases on a regular basis based on your budget, and have fun shopping. Most of all, be patient and let your SA know your preferences, tastes, and desires. It will all pay off in the long run. Good luck.


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What is the Safest Way to Transport My Birkins and Kellys to my Second Home, Twice A Year Without Damage to Them?


What is the Safest Way to Transport My Birkins and Kellys to my Second Home, Twice A Year Without Damage to Them? Is there a good suitcase that can store the bags without damaging them?

Dear How to Travel With Many Bags:

We are not aware of a particular suitcase designed to transport luxury purses without risk of damage. However, a few of our suggestions for transporting your bags are as follows:

The only sure way to store your Hermes bags safely with minimal risk of damage while traveling to your second home every 6 months is to pack each one in their original dust bag and original box. Then bubblewrap the orange box multiple times before packing them securely in a trunk or other large container or box.  Be sure to protect the corners of the boxes with bubble wrap so they do not get damaged as well. This way you will also have the original box to store your bags once at your destination.

Alternatively, you can pack each bag in its dust bag then wrap each dust bag securely with bubble wrap and pack them all in a trunk or other large container to protect them. Although this method saves space, it risks the bags getting crushed or pushed together which could lead to potential damage even if you stuff each bag with tissue paper, bag insert, bag pillow, or other packing material.

Another suggestion is to keep half of your luxury bags at one location, if possible, and the other half at the second location. Then they are not transported back and forth every 6 months so the risk of damage is greatly reduced. This way you have a good number of bags to rotate during the time you are at that location.

If your bags are all different sizes, it is possible to nest them inside one another and then pack the biggest one in their original box and protect the box as described above. This may reduce the overall number of boxes you need to transport from place to place.

Pack the small or mini bags in their dust bags and they will fit easily inside a larger Birkin or Book Tote. Or you could travel with only 3-4 bags each season and leave the remainder in one location. It is easier to nest a few bags that are different sizes than to transport 10 bags at one time.

I am not aware of a specific suitcase or trunk that would absolutely protect your bags. Traveling can cause damage to your bags even if you have taken every precaution to be careful. It is a difficult decision to decide how to travel with your bags every 6 months. Or opt to travel with several bags in different sizes, but not your entire collection, which will give you options for day and evening use.

Consider some of our tips and let us know what works for you.

Good Luck.


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What Are Your Thoughts on the Chanel 22 Bag?

Dear Curious about the Chanel 22,

 The Chanel 22 bag has the softest leather and looks chic in the correct size. Although it is one large opening inside, it holds a lot of essentials and is a useful tote. 

The lettering on the front in a contrasting color such as gold or white or black really pops which is a nice touch. The Chanel 22 comes in 3 different sizes. Check out each size to determine which one fits your frame and your needs. 

It is a great travel bag, everyday bag, workhorse bag, and special occasion or weekender bag. It is very versatile. It has been released in several different colors and hardware so there is certain to be one that suits your needs.

Read our complete guide to the Chanel 22 linked below.

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