What Are The Hermès New Season's Leather Colors for 2024?


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How can we find out each season’s leather colors at Hermes?

Dear New Leather Colors:

There are several ways to discover new seasonal colors at Hermès. Since Hermès will unlikely release a list of new colors, with a little research and investigation most new colors are revealed.

A good place to start is to ask your SA the next time you visit the boutique. Often they are aware of the new colors they have seen on new bags, small leather goods, belts, and shoes. Another way is to view the products on the Hermès website at hermes.com. Check out the small leather goods, the bags offered online, and particularly the belts. The new colors are often revealed on these products first.

The new colors we have seen so far for Spring/Summer 2024 are as follows. There will likely be more colors surfacing in the near future.

Jaune Milton is a pale, pastel yellow lighter than last season’s Limoncello.

Orange Field is a bright orange with softened by a hint of pink, like a poppy field.

Gris Misty is a nice neutral grey that takes its name from the veil contained within this bluish mid-grey.

Bleu Océan is a new dark blue that evokes the vastness of the waves.

photo courtesy @karenzpurses

photo courtesy @karenzpurses

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