Which Hermès Colors Would Add the Most Value to Your Collection?

Hermès is known for its vibrant colors. But no other luxury house has the vast array of stunning colors and neutrals like Hermès. All Hermès colors are identified by a specific name and a number/letter code. The U.S. and Europe refer to the colors by name, whereas parts of Asia commonly use the color code identifier. Let’s explore the most popular colors and how their values continue to top the secondary market charts. 

Hermès Colors That Hold Their Value

photo courtesy @stellaw2021

The color of your Hermès bag can be a reflection of your personality and can influence how others perceive your style and vibe. A pop of color like pink, red, blue or green can make you feel alive, energetic, and powerful. Whereas a classic neutral such as noir, gold or gray exudes an understated elegance. 

Although color preferences are completely subjective, certain colors and styles are more desirable and hold their value longer than others. The color of your Birkin, Kelly, or Constance becomes an integral component of the value determination. Some seasonal and classic colors are not always available, rarely released again, and can change season to season. This often creates an element of scarcity which add to the allure of obtaining a Hermès bag. 

Clockwise: Hermès Etain, Chai, Craie and Gold – photo courtesy @h.joie_

The Neutral Classics Hold the Highest Resale Value


In the last 12 -18 months we have witnessed the Hermès color, Gold become the most requested and popular neutral color. Gold is the perfect shade of tan like the saddle of a well ridden horse. The color is extremely vibrant in both togo and epsom. The warm hue works well in all seasons whether cold or warm, and complements most outfits. It is a true Hermès gem. On the secondary market, it consistently sells at a premium above most other colors.

Hermès Gold – photo courtesy @oranjourney


Noir, or Hermès black, paired with either gold or palladium hardware will always hold and exceed its initial retail value; there is no better first or fifteenth bag than a black quota bag in any leather. It will always be popular, it maintains its color the best, and the demand is so great that it will surely sell above retail on the secondary market every time depending on age and condition.

Hermès Colors That Hold Their Value | Noir Birkin | Black Hermes Birkin | Tamara

Hermès Noir – photo courtesy @tamara

Hermès Etoupe and Etain

In the gray family Etoupe and Etain remain fan favorites. A good gray will elevate any outfit all day long. The white contrast stitching on Etoupe bags (a gray brown neutral with warmer undertones) transforms the gray color into something special. It will always be one of the top colors. Etain is extremely popular as well. It is a classic matte darker gray  that photographs extremely well. This color continues to stay at the top of the popularity list. Both colors will almost always sell above other colors on the secondary market.

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Hermès Colors That Hold Their Value | Etoupe

Hermès Etoupe – photo courtesy @my_life_style_diary

hermes etain birkin | hermes colors that hold their value

Hermès Etain – photo courtesy @bagsionista

Hermès Craie and Nata

Craie and Nata are two off white colors that have become all the rage… Craie has more gray undertones and Nata (a newer seasonal color from 2019) has a slight yellow undertone making it a brighter, creamier off white.  

“Nata” is the Spanish word for cream, which certainly makes sense given its yellow undertone. The differences between the two colors are so slight that most Hermès lovers would be ecstatic to be offered a bag in either color. Both hold their value equally well and are priced at a premium on the resale market. 

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Hermès Colors That Hold Their Value

Hermès Craie – photo courtesy @everydaysugar

Hermès Colors That Hold Their Value | Nata and Craie Bags

Hermès Nata and Craie – photo courtesy @classybubbly

Pink Shades That Top The Price Chart

There are neutral lovers, pastel lovers, pops of color lovers, and everything in between. But it is the pink lovers who lose their mind in pursuit of the “perfect pink.” We are referring to the obsessive, all encompassing, must have everything in pink kind of pink lovers. Where do you stand? At PurseBop, we must confess, we are near the top end of that scale. 

Long time Hermès aficionados will agree the three most coveted pinks at Hermès are Bubblegum pink (and 5P Pink), Rose Sakura, and the newest is Mauve Sylvestre. Hermès pinks are extremely popular with collectors and these bags almost always sell at a huge premium even in a lower market economy. Let’s explore each.

Hermès Rose Sakura and Mauve Sylvestre – photo courtesy @pursespotter_karenzkloset

Back to Front: Hermès Mauve Sylvestre, Mauve Pale, Rose sakura – photo courtesy @pursespotter_ karenzklozet

Bubblegum Pink

Bubblegum pink was first released by Hermès many years ago. It is considered the crown jewel of all pinks by Hermès collectors. It has been described as the perfect pink, the holy grail of all pinks, and a true Barbie pink. It is also extremely rare to see a bag in this shade of pink. As a result, the after market value of this bag reflects its popularity and scarcity.

Pantone named this shade the most cheerful and playful shade of pink. It is a bright, lively, and vibrant pink. This color was recently re-released in 2021 but only in mini Kellys and Bolides. There is usually a dark contrast stitching on the outside of these bags as well. It has been a forever favorite of pink lovers and remains to this day. 

The color code for Bubblegum pink is L4. Often confused with its sister 5P pink, Bubblegum is darker and more vibrant. Although often grouped together as one color, Bubblegum pink and 5P pink are actually two separate and distinct colors. Bubblegum pink is much more saturated, and a true Barbie pink. 5P pink is lighter, softer and most often seen in matte crocodile skin. Both pink colors are quite rare and are not produced in excess which adds to its desirability. 

Relive PurseBop’s special moment in New Delhi when she received her first Birkin 25 in 5P pink chèvre leather in 2015. A true Kohinoor Diamond in her enviable collection. 

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Hermès Colors That Hold Their Value | Bubblegum 5P Hermes Mini Kelly

Hermès 5P Pink – photo courtesy @illa.happiness

Rose Sakura

The most sought after and coveted shade of Hermès pink is undoubtedly Rose Sakura. It is the top requested pink color and the most difficult color to secure in any non-quota or quota bag. Some would argue it is Hermès’ best shade of pink. 

Rose Sakura’s color code is 3Q. The color derives from the cherry blossoms in China, Korea, East Asia, and especially Japan. Cherry blossoms are known as “sakura” in Japanese. The pale pink blossoms are a symbol of spring and renewal. 

Similarly, Hermès Rose Sakura is the softest shade of pale pink. It is special because although it is a soft shade of pink, the pigment is vibrant and saturated transforming it into both a beautiful pastel and soft pop of color.

The color is most vibrant in swift and Jonathan leather, but is equally gorgeous in chevrè and clemence leather. Surprisingly, Rose Sakura recently appeared on the 2022 Special Order color chart. This delighted many Hermès pink lovers who could not previously obtain a bag or small leather goods in this color. 

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Hermès Rose Sakura – photo courtesy @pursespotter_karenzkloset

Mauve Sylvestre

Introduced in 2019 as a seasonal color, Mauve Sylvestre is quickly becoming a true fan favorite. The color has been described as a soft pink with purple undertones, or a beautiful pink with a hint of lilac. It first was released in small leather goods and mini Bolides. It has greatly expanded and can now be seen in Birkin 25 and 30’s, Birkin 25 Sellier, Kelly 25 Sellier, mini Kelly II, Constance, Lindy bags, Picotins, and Evelynes. This color originally emerged as a seasonal color but has become so popular and shows no signs of slowing down.

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Hermès Mauve Sylvestre – photo courtesy @pursebop

Hermès Mauve Sylvestre – photo courtesy @pursespotter_karenzkloset

Most pink quota bags consistently command premium prices on the secondary market. Even pink non-quota bags are priced slightly higher than their non-pink counterparts. The value of a pink Hermès bag will stand the test of time.

Seasonal Stunners That Have Stuck Around

New seasonal colors are released by Hermès each spring and fall. Many of them become extremely popular and remain a part of the year’s collection. A few examples are Beton, Rouge Casaque and Bleu Brume. These colors are usually valued higher on the resale market. Their popularity has not waned.


Beton is a stunning neutral pale gray shade that is versatile and pairs well with other neutrals, black, and outfits with color. 

Hermès Beton Croc – photo courtesy @elegancebyjuliet

Rouge Casaque

Rouge Casaque is a red lover’s dream come true. A vibrant, deep red that is both a pop of color and a strong statement bag. Confident and independent Hermès lovers seek out this color which is highly coveted. 

Hermès Rouge Casaque – photo courtesy @ingridwilkinson

Bleu Brume

Bleu Brume is a soft pastel blue color that won the hearts of Hermès collectors immediately. It is a soft pastel, neutral blue that is usually seen on smaller bags such as mini Kellys and Kelly 25’s. Its popularity skyrocketed when it appeared and bags in this stunning color are usually priced higher on the secondary market.

Hermès Bleu Brume – photo courtesy @rattilovesseoul

Value of New Seasonal Colors

Spring/Summer 2022 new colors are Chai, Mauve Pale, Vert Fizz, and Mushroom. We are seeing more of these colors being released lately in mini Kellys, Kelly 25s, and small leather goods. Their popularity is exploding despite their understated and pale color. They are true pastels in beautiful hues. New colors fresh from the boutique will always garner higher values on the resale market. Whether they stand the test of time is yet to be seen and only time will tell. 

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Chai has been a front runner since it appeared in early Spring 2022. In unofficial polls Chai is consistently a front runner even when paired next to popular colors such as Gold and Rose Sakura. 

This über popular color evokes images of a Chai Spiced Latte. It has a milky base that softens the color such that it blends with almost every other color. A true chameleon, it may remain a classic Hermès color in the Gold family. Expect to pay a premium for this color on the secondary market. 

Hermès Chai Croc – photo courtesy @fnch310

Hermès Chai – photo courtesy @88abby

Mauve Pale

Mauve Pale emerged this season as Mauve Sylvestre’s much lighter cousin. The color is so pale but so beautiful in the correct light. A pink or purple lover’s dream bag. Because it is in the pink family it already is seeing inflated prices on the resale market.

Hermès Colors That Hold Their Value | mauve pale mini lindy

Hermès Mauve Pale – photo courtesy @hermes_bonbon

Hermès Colors That Hold Their Value | mauve Pale Hermes

Hermès Mauve Pale matte alligator – photo courtesy @88wintersky

Hermès Mauve Pale – photo courtesy @88wintersky

Vert Fizz

Vert Fizz is a stunning pale pastel green that has the perfect amount of pigment to transform it into a beautiful and special bag in any size. For green lovers especially it is a true pastel that Hermès has never done previously. This color’s popularity has already exploded and will likely command higher prices consistently. We have seen Vert Fizz in Kelly 25’s, mini Kellys, Kelly pochettes, mini Bolide, and several small leather goods.

Hermès Vert Fizz – photo courtesy @lu1zamoda

Hermès Vert Fizz – photo courtesy @myfavoritethingsbda


Mushroom is the newest in the Spring/Summer line up. It is another off white color that is just starting to make its debut. We have seen Mushroom in a Kelly 25 Retourne, mini Kellys, a mini Bolide, and other small leather goods. Sure to be a good alternative among all Hermès collectors who seek a newer option than Craie or Nata. 

Hermès Mushroom – photo courtesy @overjoyeod

Final thoughts.

Many collectors question what colors they should put on their wishlist. Most collectors would like to own the most coveted and highest valued Hermès bags. However, the most important thing is to buy what you love. Value on the resale market is secondary to your own preferences. Color is subjective, so buy what you ultimately love. 

Published: June 27th, 2023
Updated: June 27th, 2023

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