What is considered a Quota Bag?



What bags are considered quota bags? Is a Mini Roulis a quota bag? Do quota bags differ from country to country? 

Dear Quota Bag lover:

A quota bag has always been a Birkin and a Kelly in all Hermes boutiques around the world. A Constance is not technically a quota bag but we have heard of certain locations where a Constance has been considered a quota bag at certain times. It is best to ask your Hermes SA.

Recently, with the popularity of the Kelly Pochette, the Kelly To Go, the Kelly Danse some locations are saying they are considered quota bags.

We are aware, as of the summer of 2022, that the Kelly Pochette, in leather and exotic, although technically not a quota bag, is treated as a quota bag in Paris at the present time. It appears that most other locations are treating the Kelly Pochette as a quota bag due to its overwhelming popularity and extreme unavailability.  An exotic Kelly Pochette is also a quota bag at many locations including Paris.

Whether the Kelly Cut is considered a quota bag varies by location and type of leather or exotic skin. We believe in some locations it may be considered a quota bag in an exotic at the present time.

We have also heard that a Kelly to Go in exotic is considered a quota bag in some locations. And a Kelly Danse, due to its popularity and relative unavailability, has been considered a quota bag in some locations. Again, it is best to ask your SA what is considered a quota bag in your Hermes boutique.

A mini Roulis is not considered a quota bag to our knowledge.


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