Official Battle of the Clutches: Kelly Cut vs. Kelly Pochette

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This is the final part of a five-part series on Birkin and Kelly sizes and styles.

By @e14bz

Let’s recap: As a newbie navigating my way through unknown, uncharted, winding roads of the elusive and complex world of Hermès, I have made many bag size mistakes. After considerable hits and misses, I am finally at a point where I feel like I know what works for me in terms of bag styles and sizes. And I thought I would share my experience with people who are starting their H journey. I am in no way an expert, but here are some snippets from my humble experience that I hope you find useful.

Today, as the final installment of this series, we’re going to compare the Kelly Cut (KC) (31 cm x 13 cm x 2.5 cm) vs. Kelly Pochette (KP) (22 cm x 14 cm x 7 cm). These are two amazing and stylish clutches from Hermes, but is one better than the other…? Let’s find out below.



Pros of the Kelly Cut

  • Can be carried multiple ways: under the arm, by its handle, clutched in the hands
  • Because the KC can easily go under the arms, it’s easy to juggle multiple items (I put it under my arms while holding a laptop bag and other essentials for work)
  • Can easily hold a compact wallet, a couple of Calvis (Hermès card holders), car keys, phone and lipstick
  • Can be used as a day bag or night bag
  • Relative rarity: it’s harder to get in stores compared to other clutches (like the Medor) due to its limited production (note that seasonal colors are easier to get than classic and neutral colors)

Cons of the Kelly Cut

  • Lack of strap reduces its versatility in being used as a day bag
  • Cannot stand up due to its narrow base, so it has to be put down lying flat
  • Resale value is less than a KP
  • Its elongated rectangular look may not appeal to everyone (case in point: someone once asked my bestie if she was holding a “flute” when she was carrying her KC. Rude but… *shrug*)



Pros of the Kelly Pochette

  • Can be placed on a surface standing up because of its wide base
  • Fits quite a lot—much more than a mini Kelly
  • Can easily transition from a day to night bag
  • Holds its value in the resale market better than a KC
  • Considered rarer than a KC to get from Hermes stores, especially in classic and neutral colors (H gods please don’t prove me wrong and flood the market with KPs by over producing this little gem too…!)
  • Aesthetically pleasing and proportionate

Cons of the Kelly Pochette

  • Lack of feet at the bottom, so one has to be extra careful when putting it on any surface (I usually place mine on a table with a paper napkin underneath it when I am out with family or friends)
  • Can only be held by its handle as it looks awkward held any other way
  • It’s hard to carry multiple things when carrying a KP because it requires at least one hand to hold the KP by itself
  • Some stores consider it a “quota” bag, so it may keep away people who prefer to get a Birkin, Kelly or Constance as their quota bag instead of a clutch
  • Lack of shoulder strap



@elbz’s Final Choice

My thoughts: One of EACH please? I used to be a KC gal, but recently I find myself gravitating more towards my KP. Both are fabulous bags, and both come with their own set of pros and cons. It’s all about seeing the bottle half empty or half full. I like to see mine as half full so I use the pros from both bags and enjoy them ♥

At the end of the day, both the Kelly Cut and Kelly Pochette are clutches. Hence, if you are not into clutches or they don’t fit your life style, no matter how rare or fabulous they are, I wouldn’t recommend them. However, if you love clutches, both KC and KP are aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and make for fabulous additions to one’s bag collection.




We hope you enjoyed this fabulous series by @el4bz! We can’t thank her enough for giving us such detailed food for thought. Let us know if there are any comparisons you want us to feature in the future!

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Published: August 14th, 2019
Updated: November 10th, 2019

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