Diorever: The Reveal and Review


Special thanks to the DC Dior for fulfilling my Diorever craving the day of launch!

There have been very few bags in recent times that have taken my breath away. Even fewer that I have bought impulsively. The Diorever has managed both.

This Diorever has me mesmerized…


It was only  just a few days ago that the captivating @dior picture of Jennifer Lawrence posing with this brazen gold beauty crossed my feed on Instagram. I was completely intrigued. It was so unlike me. I am a Chanel girl at heart, and an Hermes addict of late. There has been little room in my handbag collection for any intruder.  I admire, feature, discuss and at times even seriously wish another brand would sweep me off my feet… but to no avail.


Jennifer Lawrence Dior Camapaign.

The Diorever’s details are spelled out for you in Part I, but what isn’t there are my interpretations after seeing, touching, playing and photographing the bag.


The white leather handles and perfect trim offer a sharp contrast to the striking metallic yellow. Keeps the look very futuristic and modern. I call this the flap over look  ~ bag closed.  


The metallic crinkled finish is magnificent, the leather is soft yet rigid enough to give the body of the bag pronounced structure and shape. I call this the flap back look ~ bag open. 


The quality of construction is superior to many branded bags at even higher price points. Every detail of the interior is impeccable.

If I am to be completely honest what caught me was the bright ‘miss me not’ metallic finish. I honestly may never have given the Diorever a serious look if it were only offered in beige and black. I was completely caught off guard, and now I could not be more delighted. We all know, I don’t need another top handle bag for my personal collection… but now that this beauty has arrived, I have an entirely new level of respect for the house of DIOR and the impeccable quality and detail put into every last stitch. Finding me a ‘perfect’ bag can be near impossible, very little escapes my trained eye.

I look to the interior of a handbag to really assess the quality. The Diorever is perfection. The corners, the base, the leather lining, the interior pockets… everything is sitting in complete alignment. The last time I was  this impressed was when I brought home the Delvaux Brillant. The interior construction of Delvaux is superior to most brands, in my opinion.


An interesting detail are the side gusset snaps. One has the ability to snap the front to the back of the bag offering a much tighter compact look and feel.



The optional strap is fantastic for hands-free, but I wish it was centered on the sides or the top handles like an Hermes Kelly; this gives the bag a balanced  feel when carried over the shoulder. The clasps to attach the strap are both on the rear panel of the bag, giving the feeling that it’s weighted or tipping towards the front. I discovered very quickly up in the rocks that the best way to combat this problem was to snap the sides together to balance it out. Tightening the sides does reduce the capacity of the bag, but realistically I’m not going camping with this one!


Might be my personal favorite picture from this shoot.




The straps attach at the back of the bag only. Snapping the side gussets offers a more balanced feel when carrying over the shoulder.

Let’s take a detailed look when the bag is in the  flap back position: the flap holds in place with magnetic circles that hold the flap securely in position as pictured. I was concerned initially that the flap would protrude too much making it awkward in this position, but not at all. Feels very comfortable, nearly unnoticeable as with the Hermes Birkin when the back flap is tucked inside. Again the details of the finishing make it visually appealing when carried either way.




The Diorever sky high…


Let’s talk size and capacity. As discussed previously the Diorever comes in three sizes:

  • Mini measuring 21cm x 17cm x17cm = slightly smaller than a Birkin 25
  • Medium measuring 30cm x 23cm x 16cm = exactly the size of a Birkin 30
  • Large measuring 34cm x 26cm x 17cm = almost exactly the size of a Birkin 35

I chose the medium, it comfortably carries my daily essentials and easily transitions to a lively fun evening bag, Very similar in use and capacity to a Birkin 30.

I had my Chanel mini on hand as my #bagoftheday and placed it inside to give you an idea of the interior capacity of the medium. There was plenty of extra space around the Chanel for a mini ipad, keys, lipstick and other smaller items. There are stitched pockets to both the inside back and front. The front fits an iphone 6 or even a 6plus. I tend to carry very little so by my definition this is a very roomy bag.




Spacious interior. Front interior pocket perfectly sized for any phone.




I love the attention to every detail. The stitching is immaculate around the many features.


The sun has set on the city of Chicago.


A handle with a view…

I will share many more comparison pictures soon. I have a feeling you will be seeing a great deal of this beauty here and on my personal IG. Absolutely no admiration phase as I refer to it usually, I’m jumping straight in!

This is what you call a STATEMENT BAG, definitely not for the weak hearted! She’s Bold and Beautiful!

Diorever forever…

Love PurseBop

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5 Responses to “Diorever: The Reveal and Review”

  • We are twins! Mine was just delivered from NYC. Love it–especially the depth of the color and the fact that it seems to change in the light.

  • I love how detailed oriented you are, and I agree with you, I don’t have the chance to have a Chanel or even less Hermès..? But I am extremely well acquainted with LV, and I must say over the years they have disappointed me a lot in their finished product, like you I look and see absolutely every details and sometimes embarrass my BF I believe? because I will plain don’t buy the product and tell them it is not LV standard ( it is sad..so to hear about all those details and you to be very happy with your purchase says a lot about Dior.. So Cheers to that..enjoy it my darling ?❤️??

  • wowza!!! What a beautiful bag!!!! Your reveals are always the best!!! so detailed and with such amazing pics that I can almost feel your bags in my hands with your descriptions! Congrats on your new baby!!!! xoxo

  • l was blown away by the craftsmanship and quality of my Diorever… sadly l chose the classic black.. should’ve gotten a beige, or a blue that my SA in Paris was pushing me to buy, she even offered the silver. oh well, I still adore my black beauty nevertheless. A new Dior fan for sure! will get a Lady next