New at Dior: The Diorever Bag

My jaw nearly hit the floor when I saw Jennifer Lawrence’s picture with that brazen yellow gold bag. Dior has produced some truly loved, staple bags like the Lady Dior, Diorama, and Be Dior. But it looks like another bag will be joining the classics league very soon! Let’s take a closer look at the Diorever Bag.


Jennifer Lawrence in the New Dior Campaign

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@pursebop ~ to see reveal, click here.

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A mighty bag for the modern woman…
The Diorever is a tote bag with a sleek, contemporary feel. Dior even describes the Diorever bag as a tote with  “cutting-edge, urban attitude” and very  a “strong and bold” character. It can make the perfect work tote or everyday bag that will make you feel fearlessly chic as you strut the streets.

This inspiration is apparent in the bags highly-structured silhouette, sharp lines, and statement hardware. The crescent shape clasp is the bag’s focal point and is imprinted with Dior’s emblematic, signature pattern. The Diorever has a reversible flap allowing you the change up the bag’s look easily. On some styles, the interior of the flap comes with a contrasting color, which will show prominently when the flap is flipped to the back of the bag instead of clasped.  The bag can be carried by hand, over the shoulder or across the body with the two top handles and adjustable, detachable strap.

The Diorever is available in three sizes: mini, medium, and large. It also comes in a variety of materials and color combinations. Current styles include bull calf leather, exotic alligator leather, suede calfskin, embellished, and metallic versions. The Diorever arrives in select stores tomorrow!

Diorever Prices

*Prices listed in Calfskin Leather

StylePrice In USD
Diorever Mini$3,000
Diorever Medium$3,400
Diorever Large$3,900

More Styles

Instagram Eye Candy

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@pursebop ‘s Diorever, click here to see full reveal.

I’m trying to decide if I am swept off my feet because of the metallic finish or because I actually love the bag? No doubt that it has characteristics that resemble the Hermes holy grail, but I must say it has full attention at the moment.

What are your thoughts on the Diorever bag, YAY OR NAY? Let’s talk on BopTalk. 

Part II: Diorever: The Reveal and Review

Love PurseBop

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Published: March 3rd, 2016
Updated: May 18th, 2017

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3 Responses to “New at Dior: The Diorever Bag”

  • Definitely Yay for the anthracite/green alligator Diorever. The color contrast highlights the bag’s main feature and I also love the juxtaposition of a very contemporary design but made of alligator, which is a skin I often associate with more traditional designs.

    Maybe Yay or Nay on the metallics for 3 reasons: I’m not sure if I dislike the contrasting white details or it’s part of what makes the bag look fresh; the metallic ones will be owned by every blogger, celebrity and their neighbors’ cat (metallic fatigue, anyone? *). Also, it will probably be the 1st to be counterfeited, if it hits mainstream, so multiply that by 1000.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love gold and silver bags (everyone needs at least 1 in their closet), but I’m not sure this is it for me. I’ll take the gator or other 2 tone ones.

    I didn’t make the Hermès connection until you mentioned it.

    These are my 4 cents on it ;)

    * I guess your Brand Fatigue article had a big impact on me, since I’m partly avoiding a bag based on my future brand fatigue assessment before it even happens :0

  • Yay, but I would,personally, stay withthe classic color( that is just me ) I like the shape and style, really like the beige one..contract is very eye catching ?But I totally see you with the gold one?