Delvaux: the New Champion

PurseBop reports LIVE from The Masters at Augusta National! It’s Sunday and we await the worlds best players vying for the most prestigious title in golf. Coverage of the Masters has become a PurseBop tradition.

Part I: The Rookie’s Arrival 

We introduce Miss Brillant, a fresh face from Belgium on the European tour. She arrived in the United States just in time for the Masters. Her full name: Miss Brillant Mini Palomino 

She arrives here at the Augusta National Club with her faithful caddy mini-me Karlito.

This is her first major tournament in the US but luckily she’s grouped with tour experts and past Master’s winners to provide guidance.

Miss Brillant and her training staff warm-up on the putting green. Just a few minutes before the round is set to begin, the butterflies start flying in her tummy.

4 (3)

Miss Brillant sets up for a monstrous drive. Wow! She bombs it down the middle of the fairway…

9 (1)
1 (5)

Miss Brillant bogeyed the 3rd so she’s looking to get things back on track…

She’s accompanied by the rest of her Delvaux family who provide support and camaraderie throughout the tournament.

2 (2)
1 (2)

After a birdie on hole 9, the group heads to the tough 10th…

Miss Brillant confers with mini-me Karlito on the best strategy to get over the water. Mr. Chanel So Black (2013 champion) comes forward to lend a hand and his experience.


Her unexpected eagle on the 10th puts her on top of the leaderboard!

During the brief rain delay Miss Brillant takes shelter in her custom rain suit to stay warmed up! Miss Delvaux #8 arrives to lighten the mood. She is so grateful to have her dearest friend Miss Delvaux #8 by her side. The two have kept in close touch during their separation and Miss Delvaux prepared her well for the journey from Belgium.

As we know too well, the rain delay will test the players’ concentration but for the next few strokes, it’s imperative to execute properly.

Part II: The Championship Putt

And we are off to the 18th, everyone is pensive. Miss Brillant spends some quality quiet moments composing herself with trusted mini Karlito.

Miss Brillant lines up her tough par putt after wowing the crowd with her bunker play

If she drains the putt Miss Brillant will emerge victorious. The gallery is silent in anticipation… you can hear a pin drop…

6 (1)

And she drains it! WOW… magnificent!

The crowd goes wild…what a finish!!!!

The first major of many to come it seems! Past winners and tour pros are on hand to see history being made!

Heading to Butler Cabin for the trophy presentation!

Part III: The Trophy Ceremony 

Posing with the reigning champion Pink Power who will present Miss Brillant the Green Jacket… or in OUR case, the Hermes ‘winner’s ribbon’ inside Butler Cabin.


The reigning champ and new champion share in a warm embrace…

“Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you the 2015 Masters Champion, Miss Brillant!”


Posing with the Delvaux family… making Belgium proud!

Thats it folks, this is PurseBop signing out and bidding you farewell from Augusta National…

Stay tuned for Miss Brillant’s Homecoming this week!

Love PurseBop


Published: April 12th, 2015
Updated: June 20th, 2015

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  • OMG, so many reveals and eyecandy in one post!!! Plus, the story is so cute I can´t stop reading it over and over while indulging myself with the beauties in the pics!!! Congrats my dearest Pursebop, your Delvaux fam is getting prettier and prettier, the mini Karlito is way too adorable and the H charm is stunning. I don´t even have to make any comments regarding the Chanel babies, right? you´re tired of knowing how much I love them all! What a collection o have, bravo!!! hope you had a fantastic weekend. XOXO