Chanel 19: Guide to the Hottest Bag of 2020

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It’s fascinating how quickly a brand new handbag style can rise to the level of cult or classic status. Chanel proved it possible with the instant success of the year-old Chanel 19. Joining the storied bag line in Fall/Winter 2019, the Chanel 19 rose to become nearly as coveted as many other tried and true classics.

Although designed during the Karl Lagerfeld era, unfortunately the launch post-dated his death. Indeed, the “19” in the name is in fact a tribute to his date of demise, as well as Coco Chanel’s date of birth and the year the bag released.

About the Chanel 19

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So what made the Chanel 19 an instantaneous sensation? Probably no one thing alone. The combination of Classic Chanel themes and its tempting price tag ( lower than the Chanel Classic Flap), makes this bag a serious contender for Chanel enthusiasts.

Demand for the bag has already outstripped supply. Shortages have resulted in waitlists, and of course the opportunity for resellers, making the Chanel 19 a worthy investment.

Read on for detailed information on the ‘It’ bag of the year.

Key Features

Very ‘Chanel’ in its design, the bag embodies several iconic features that are synonymous with the House of Chanel:

Iconic Diamond Quilting: Similar yet different, Chanel has incorporated its signature diamond quilting on the bag while still keeping it unique. The diamonds are set in a style that is larger than usual for Chanel. A key feature that renders the bag modern and trendier than other Chanel Bag styles.

Chunky Hardware and Straps: The chain and strap on the bag are similar to the ones on the Chanel boy, introducing a touch of masculinity to an otherwise feminine style.

The hardware on the bag is a mix of Gold-Tone and Silver & Ruthenium-Finish Metals. The long strap in particular, blends the two metals together with leather very uniquely . The strap is perfect for when you want to carry the bag on the shoulder or wear crossbody. There is also a shorter metallic chain handle that allows you to carry the bag elegantly on one arm, or just grab and go!



Chanel 19 features

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The Trendy CC Logo: The double ‘CC’ logo on the clap is larger than the one on the Classic Flap. The styling of the logo too stands out – the metal and leather woven logo boldly embellished across the centre of the bag adds to its modern aesthetics.

Chanel 19 logo clasp

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The Chanel 19, while clearly inspired by the Chanel 2.55, the Chanel Boy and the Classic Flap, has carved a niche for itself as an updated amalgamation of Chanel’s popular and classic styles.


The Chanel 19 is a lot less rigid than the other handbag styles by Chanel. The choice of leathers and fabrics – goatskin, lambskin and wool tweed – introduces the soft, relaxed and luxurious look that the bag possesses. The slouchy appearance, though not a preferred choice for many, gives the bag a more relaxed and cool vibe. A factor perhaps responsible for the bag’s instant success.

Chanel 19 shoulder strap

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Chanel 19 chain strap

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The Chanel 19 comes in 4 sizes. Photos and measurements of each are provided below:

Small Chanel 19

Chanel 19 Belt Bag. Photo Credit:

Medium Chanel 19

Chanel 19 Flap Bag. Photo Credit:

Large Chanel 19

Chanel 19 Large Bag. Photo Credit:

Maxi Chanel 19

Chanel 19 Maxi Bag. Photo Credit:

Chanel 19 Bag StyleDimensions in inches (L X H X D)
Chanel 19 Belt/Waist Bag4.3 X 7.8 X 2.1
Chanel 19 Flap Bag6.2 X 10.1 X 3.5
Chanel 19 Large Flap Bag7.8 X 11.7 X 3.9
Chanel 19 Maxi Flap Bag9.8 x 14 X 4.3


The leather Chanel 19 can be usually spotted in stately hues of blues and black, as well as in shades of reds, pinks and oranges for those who prefer to pop. The current collection also consists of a bright parrot green Chanel 19 in a maxi size!

Chanel 19

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Blue Chanel 19

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Red Chanel 19

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Green Chanel 19

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The wool tweed fabrics vary from collection to collection but are generally found in color combinations typical of tweed fabric. The latest collection consists of four distinct patterns:

  1. An eye-catching coral, pink & orange combination where the colors blend into one another
  2. A multi-colored one where the colors contrast against an unusual shade of green
  3. A red and white on navy blue (nearly black) chequered fabric that is typically tweed
  4. A show-stopper black tweed version with hues of pink and purple splashed playfully across the top half of the bag
Pink and Orange Tweed Chanel 19

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Multicolored tweed Chanel 19

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red, black and white tweed chanel 19

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When it comes to pricing, that’s where the Chanel 19 gets really interesting. As in, you get a lot of style at a lower price point than the Classic Flap. An analysis of the price differences between the two models across sizes reveals a 30-35% difference. A well thought out strategy by Chanel given how recent the style is.

For updated information on the Chanel 19 prices as of July 2021, also read Guide to the Now ‘Iconic’ Chanel 19

Chanel 19 Bag StylePrices in the USPrices in Europe
Chanel 19 Belt/Waist Bag$3,600€3,300
Chanel 19 Flap Bag$4,800€4,500
Chanel 19 Large Flap Bag$5,300€5,000
Chanel 19 Maxi Flap Bag$5,800€5,500
Chanel Classic Flap Bag StylePrices in the USPrices in Europe
Classic Small Flap$5,800€5,500
Classic Medium Flap$6,500€6,050
Classic Jumbo Flap$7,100€6,600
Classic Maxi Flap$7,700€7,100

Instagram Eye Candy

Chanel 19 pop

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Chanel 19 materal

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Need to know about the Chanel 19

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What do you think of this classic yet modern style by Chanel?
With its huge instantaneous success will it become a timeless classic like the Boy Bag or phase out after a few seasons capitalising on its “It” bag status?

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Published: September 5th, 2020
Updated: August 29th, 2021

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