First Look at the New Hermès ‘In the Loop’ Bag

Written by @mintpinkandbabyblues

It is not everyday that a fashion house as classic as Hermès releases a new bag.  Over the last few years we have seen many new iterations or twists of the Kelly and the Birkin on the runway. This time a completely new model captured my attention.

Enter Hermès In-the-Loop. This bucket style bag falls not far from the sleek and classic Hermès design. At first glance, it could be said it is the cousin of the Picotin, without the feet and the iconic lock.

Available in the vibrant colors and neutrals we all love, the bag is made in Clemence leather with Swift calfskin handles. The interior has Swift leather for the bottom and for the body.


18cm × 19.5cm x 12cm

23cm × H 25cm x D 15 cm


18cm size:

23 size:

There is an interior pocket also in Swift and is finished with gold-plated or palladium “Chaine d’Ancre” closure. The “Chaine d’Ancre” motif is utilized several times on the bag, as seen on the handles and also on the bottom of the bag.

You have to see this bag in person to appreciate it. The way the handles are placed gives it a nice stance and prevents it from slouching.

Chaine d’Ancre bag released on the Spring 2020 runway @styledbyme_j

First Impressions

The open nature of the interior means it can fit more than your daily essentials and then some. With a choice between a size 18 and a size 23, it can be a daily bag that is not only practical but also understatedly stylish. The size 18 would be perfect for a casual day out, while the 23 could be for daily use.

The closure is easy to use and gives a feel of security for a top open style bag. We will go into this in more detail in a future article. I would, however, still advise using an organizer to keep the interior clean and in the long run keep the shape of the bag.

Though as said from the way the handles are constructed, this would take a while to slouch.


Typically, it takes a while for a new model of a bag to find its way to my heart. But not this time. For anyone who loves an understated and practical bag, the In-the-Loop is a refresh of the beloved Picotin. And with Hermès promising us a rainbow of colors in this style, this may have the potential of being the next IT bag to join our favorite classics from Hermès.

Published: December 9th, 2022
Updated: December 20th, 2022

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