Hermès Picotins and Patience: The Art of Waiting

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by Anna

Birthdays aren’t just about adding another candle to the cake – for me, they’re about adding a new handbag to the collection. Last year’s birthday treat was the Celine Teen Triomphe, a chic souvenir from a memorable trip to Paris. However, this year, my sights were set firmly on an orange-boxed prize. 

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The ‘Hermès Journey’ So Far

In my ongoing ‘Hermès Journey,’ I’ve encountered a sprinkling of orange boxes, endured endless wait lists, and embraced patience, yet the elusive quota bag remains beyond reach. Despite my best efforts across London’s boutiques, including Harrods and Selfridges, success remains elusive. My current wish list, set to expire in October 2024, hangs in limbo – not that anyone at Hermès is going to remind me. 

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While the UK’s wish list system offers a somewhat generous approach, my bag dreams extend beyond borders to Paris. The epitome of luxury shopping, Paris always entices with its promise of the ultimate Hermès experience. From futile attempts at securing appointments through their system to courageous on-the-day appointment inquiries, the journey has been marked by disappointment. A constant reminder that timing and luck are the ultimate combination of success in the world of Hermès. 

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Yet, my resolve remains unshaken, albeit a little more lackluster. Lately, through content creation and online scrolling, I’ve been fully immersed in all things Hermès. So it’s understandable I’m now seeking my first bag. However, I haven’t set my sights on a birthday Birkin or Kelly; instead, I’ve opted for the understated appeal of the Picotin. 

Image courtesy: @thebirkinboy

Eyes on the Picotin Prize

Why a Picotin, you may ask? If I’m being honest, before I invest in a quota bag, I would like to give Hermès handbags a ‘test run.’ While I’ve had the pleasure of trying many Hermès styles, sizes, and leathers, owning and using one of its bags is another story. Not only is the Picotin a great ‘entry-level’ Hermès bag, I love its ‘if you know, you know’ appeal. 

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Image courtesy: @valerie.kei

Additionally, I live in a laid-back seaside town not far from London, where Chanel and flashy logos don’t often feel appropriate. As a result, I tend to prefer more understated accessories, which raises the question – why have a handbag collection filled with bags I rarely reach for? With this in mind, I wanted my first Hermès to be a grab-and-go – not necessarily a workhorse, but something void of obvious branding.  

Image courtesy: @lisonseb

With my eyes firmly set on the Picotin, it was time to decide on colors. Obsessed with the rich hues of Rouge H and Rouge Sellier that took center stage during the Hermès Fall-Winter 2024 collection, I gravitated to chocolate browns and deep reds. However, when dealing with Hermès, having strict criteria dictating a choice could make securing the bag directly from the boutique difficult. 

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Hermès Women's Fall-Winter 2024 | new hermes bags fall winter 2024

Image courtesy: WWD

Aware of the popularity of the Picotin and its limited availability, I searched various boutiques in London without success. Despite regular deliveries, these coveted bags sell out quickly on a first-come, first-served basis. However, in the process, I learned that the Picotin 18 now retails for £2,490 after the latest price increase. Meanwhile, the Picotin 18 retails at $3,300 in the United States, and €2,490 in Europe. 

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Image courtesy: @thebirkinboy

Unlocking the Picotin Lock

Rather than endlessly visiting stores, I turned to the online boutique. Hermès occasionally releases non-quota bags on its website, but the timing is unpredictable. I began stalking the site until I found the Picotin Lock 18 in Macassar with gold hardware. I made my purchase with lightning speed; thankfully, all went well, and here she is!

Macassar is a shade that rests between burgundy and brown, with hues similar to Rouge Sellier and Ebene. It can appear almost black in some lighting, making it an ideal neutral addition to my equally neutral wardrobe. The gold hardware brings a touch of warmth to the Macassar and compliments it perfectly. 

As for the Picotin itself, it’s exactly what I had hoped for. Despite its compact size, the 18 accommodates everything I might need, and more. Its open-top design is proving to be incredibly convenient, and the lightweight nature of the bag makes it easy to carry. And then there’s the leather. . . as my first Hermès bag, experiencing Clemence firsthand is a dream! It’s soft, supple, and just the right amount of slouchy. 

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Now that I’ve officially started my Hermès bag collection, I can envision the Picotin becoming my go-to companion for spring and summer. While I now have an endless list of Birkin and Kelly bags, with a couple of Constance’s thrown in for good luck, the Picotin certainly scratches the itch for now. I can confidently say I am willing to wait a little longer for my first quota bag. After all, good things come to those who wait, and the best things undoubtedly arrive in orange boxes.

Published: March 24th, 2024
Updated: March 25th, 2024

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