Hermès Chypres: The Sandals With a Waiting List Longer than a Birkin

Bzzz. Bzzz. That’s the sound of Hermès SAs’ iPhones going off every time a new version of Chypres is released.

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Waitlists are now the norm for these sandals and now some boutiques are limiting them to one pair per customer. At Hermès FSH, customers are ushered into private dressing rooms to try them on in order to prevent a panic of demanding shoppers on the shoe floor.

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PurseBop’s crown jewel of all her many Chypres

Some of the latest releases on the PurseBop wishlist include:

  • Studded: Feeling like a rockstar, anyone?
  • Western: Embroidered stars give these sandals a cowgirl-edge. It comes in black, white and tan.
  • Rhinestone: Embellished with a silver beaded lining, this version makes the casual sandal into a dressy one. Influencers have already snatched these up.
  • Croc: The ultimate dream is the Himalaya Crocodile version but it also comes in various other shades.
  • Satin: These have stolen our purple-loving hearts. Lush and comfy at the same time, this pair needs a place in PurseBop’s closet. These will also be available in rose, dark red, and black.

Image courtesy @thenuova.comcierge

Original article Aug 23rd, 2022.

You’ve seen them on Kylie Jenner’s 25th Hermès Birthday Bonanza. The shoes that immediately sell out at every drop on Hermes.com. Those cozy fuzzy things adorning the feet of all the influencers in Orans and Chyrpre styles. After all, who wouldn’t want a teddy bear hugging your feet all day?

Shearling fur Hermès Oran sandals @kyliejenner

What are Hermès Chypre sandals?

You may have not even seen them in stores because they instantly fly off the shelf. These impossible to get sandals (pronounced ‘shee-prre’) are coveted by fashionistas everywhere. Chypre Sandals have a dad sandal vibe, featuring an adjustable velcro strap and the same iconic strap as the Oran sandals. The newest design from this year features shearling on the interior as well as the exterior.

hermes tri color kelly 25 chai mauve sylvestre lime sellier epsom

Shearling fur Hermès Chypre sandals @pursebop

So you’ve taken the plunge and indulged on these 1k+ furry treats for your feet….  but how in the world do you take care of them? Perhaps by strictly wearing them only inside the comfort of your home? (You guys are spilt on this decision from our poll.)

Are they suitable for air, land or sea?

Well, didn’t fall into the “Inside Only” category as I let a friend borrow them…

We really meant it when we said “everyone wants them”, lol.

To be clear, I am the worst at caring for anything furry. Hence why we don’t have any pets in our home. I can’t even clean my kids’ stuffed animals correctly. See this matted fur example after our washing machine:

Hermès makes a shoe care kit, but that won’t work for these teddy shoes.

Image Credit: Hermès

After purchasing two pairs of shearling shoes from Hermès, I was determined to give them better treatment than this dog pillow.

I called Hermès customer service about caring for these shoes. After a 20 minute wait of listening to trotting horse steps (IYKYK), I just gave up and wrote an email instead.

Here’s the email I received back from Hermes.com:

Product care for the Chypre woolskin sandals.

Shearling is an elegant, comfortable and thermally insulated material. The material is carefully selected according to its quality. Special tanning techniques ensure optimum quality and durability. Shearling is a delicate material that requires care and attention. We recommend that you handle with care and avoid contact with rough substances as it may cause the material to shed. Store your shoes in their dust bags, away from light, dust, and humidity. Due to the sensitive nature of the material, use a dry soft cloth to care for your shoes and avoid brushes as they may damage the wool. Shearling has low resilience to humidity. After wear, be sure to leave your shoes in a cool, dry place.

This is verbatim the wording that comes in the little booklet when you purchase the shoes. I reached out to customer service again. I asked them how do I clean these shoes.

Here’s the response:

We invite you to visit your local boutique to meet with an After Sales Specialist in person. Due to the nature of this service, we recommend After Sales items be brought to a boutique and not sent by mail. For a complete list of our boutiques, please visit our store locator at https://www.hermes.com/us/en/find-store.

I decided to take this to Dr. Google. Here’s what I found on sheepskinfactory.com:

Spot clean the shearling

To clean a spot on the interior of your slipper, you can use a mild detergent or even hair shampoo. All you need to do is use a rag, some cool water, and your cleaner. With the cleaner in hand, gently blot the area that is soiled. Next, you can rinse and then blot away the excess water with a dry towel.

Then from MarthaStewart.com, she says this:

Spot treating versus submersion is the best method for real shearling. Once you’ve cleaned the stain, roll the shearling in a large bath towel to absorb any liquid, and then let it air dry.

Published: August 23rd, 2022
Updated: September 6th, 2023

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