Hermès Introduces a Backpocket for your Birkin

We hesitate to complain, those of us lucky enough to have an Hermès Birkin… or 15. But, have you ever thought – Gee it would be nice to have an outside pocket on this bag. Like the Kelly Lakis or the Cargo Birkin. Tuck in a mask. Easy access to the phone. Pop in the keys or maybe a lipstick, instead of going into the bag itself. Given extra pandemic supplies in our daily life, maybe now is the time. Maybe.

Apparently, now (or imminently) you can add an outside zippered section. Called the “Backpocket 30 Pouch” it attaches to your Birkin via the back handle. Available in both Togo and Swift leathers (as far as we know so far). The Togo pouch has a Togo interior and the Swift naturally a Swift interior. We expect a full array of seasonal colors but neutrals have been spotted in gold and noir Swift too.
Your Birkin’s new back pocket will cost you a pretty pinch – $950.

Hermès Backpocket 30 Pouch in Menthe togo leather shown on a Birkin 30 @luxescoastaljetsetter

Hermès Backpocket 30 Pouch in Menthe with Indigo interior /back @luxecoastaljetsetter

On the one hand, we get the allure of extra pockets, especially one on the exterior. No longer necessary to dig into the bag for your phone. Now you might even carry your Birkin safer and decide to actually close the bag properly using the turn lock.

However, this is a Birkin. A classic two-handled tote intended to keep belongings on the inside. It intentionally lacks proverbial “bells and whistles” as just being a Birkin fits that bill. Part of the charm is slipping your hands in to get what you need. Not caring that it might not be the most practical.

Front of the Backpocket 30 Pouch @luxecoastaljetsetter

Back of the Backpocket 30 Pouch @luxecoastaljetsetter

So, we ask you… is this what you want: a removable pouch that may or may not match your bag?

What’s next? A removable Birkin shoulder strap?
Oh and don’t forget – for fall we have that completely detachable Birkin (read: Birkins Graced the Hermès Fall 2021 Runway But with a Twist).

Black togo Birkin 30 with black pouch @pursetitute

Thin but sturdy @pursetitute

Side view @pursetitute

Is Hermès giving us what we want, what they think we should want, or… finding small ways to get us to spend more?

Published: May 12th, 2021
Updated: May 12th, 2021

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