Which Hermès Birkin Size is Best for You?

When it comes to Hermès Birkins, size does matter. And picking the right one, isn’t always easy. It’s not like you can just waltz into the boutique and try on sizes. Nor can you just line up a bunch to see how the sizes look in comparison to one another. Making the decision on a ‘preferred size’ can be one of the most complicated and challenging Birkin decisions.

The PurseBop archive is replete with articles analyzing and comparing the various Birkin models. Recently, Instagram influencer  and PurseBop community member @upcloseandstylish’s – who has a Birkin collection to be envied – provided detailed size snaps. With her pictures and our articles, we strolled down memory lane into the catalogue of our articles from PurseBop dedicated to Birkin sizes.

The Birkin 25

Birkin size comparison

Photo credit: @upcloseandstylish

Also known as the Birkin Mini, the B25 is Hermès’s interpretation of the tiny bag trend. Though it hasn’t really ever been formally advertised as a ‘mini’ by Hermès, this jewel is the smallest available Birkin size. From countless celebrities to famous Instagram personalities, this heavily endorsed bag is extremely versatile and practical. It’s limited availability makes it even more exclusive and covetable.

The Birkin 30

Birkin Size comparison

Photo Credit: @upcloseandstylish

Arguably the most popular size of the Birkin, the B30 fits nearly every body type and height. The mid-size dimension allows it to transform efficiently from day to evening, while stowing your essentials. The size of the handle drop makes it easy to hold and carry all day long. Not being too big, an overstuffed Birkin 30 will seldom become too heavy to hold or carry along with you all day long.

The Birkin 35

Birkin size comparison

Photo credit: @upcloseandstylish

The Original, HGB (Holy Grail bag) is the B35! More than 40 years ago when the then director of Hermès Jean-Louis Dumas, sketched out a handbag for Jane Birkin (on an air sick bag, mind you!), the iconic B35 was born and has since been the most coveted handbag in the world. Known for its spacious interiors and easy to carry handle, the B35 remains ideal for travel and even bag nesting! With more than enough room for your travel essentials and a few layers of clothing, this one is a no brainer for adventures around the world.

The Birkin 40

Birkin size comparison

Photo credit:@upcloseandstylish

More is always more when it comes to Hermès and nothing proves this better than the B40. It is the largest size available among the Birkins. For jet-setters and those who love to travel in style, it’s a must-have. Spotted lately on forays to the gym, the B40 could also be the quintessential workout bag. The sharp and sleek look only adds to its grandeur.  Of course, the hefty size and weight could also be a workout on its own.

While there are enthusiasts for every size, we recommend buying a Birkin in the size that best suits your requirements and which you will be able to use the most. Now that you know a little more about each size, which will find a house in your closet next?

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Published: January 22nd, 2021
Updated: January 22nd, 2021

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