If You Feel Like Window Shopping, Take a Look at Our Special Picks

Just like many of you, the PurseBop staff is social distancing, quarantining and isolating, as all of us are in locales under restrictions. In between moments of anxiety, sanitizing, joy from family, irritation with the same family, our thoughts wander. Seeking distraction and relaxation, some of us find relief by virtual window shopping. If that’s you, enjoy some of our latest top picks.

Mellow Yellow

Are you too impatient to wait for the chance to place your very own special order? This one is such a fresh combination of colours, neutral yet different!

A Breath Of Fresh Air

Move over Noir, Gold and Gris – meet the new neutral. A gentle pop of color that doesn’t scream. Perfect with a crisp white shirt and well-fitted denim ensemble.

Subtle, Casual and Classy

True neutrals are never out of vogue. This shade and style always works. Perfect for school runs or even a quick tea with the girls. That is, when the time is right.

A Visual Delight

This one’s got it all – quilting, flap, jewel and chain! Whats not to love?!?

Bling It On

Why bother with subtlety when you can get your hands on a diamond encrusted Alhambra. The perfect accessory to help you stand out. Nothing prevents you from enjoying sparkle while you quarantine.

Colour Blocking Delight

Did your heart just skip a beat? We don’t blame you. A Kelly 28 Sellier in Blue Paon is what dreams are made of. Color block this with those all-black ensembles in your wardrobe to complete the look.

A Must Have Staple

While we are all uncertain of when we can catch the next flight to business or loved ones – we are certain that this tote would come along.

Bubblegum Pink Birkin

This one may just be the most sought after pink amongst the Hermès aficionados! And in delicious swift leather…are you tempted yet?

Whether you virtually shop or not, stay safe and follow your jurisdiction’s mandates and advice.

Love, PurseBop

Published: March 26th, 2020
Updated: March 26th, 2020

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