Dear PurseBop: Is It Possible To Score a Hermès Quota Bag Without An Equal Amount of Prespend?

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This week at Dear PurseBop our community wants to know about the amount of pre-spend required to be offered a quota bag, are bag inserts a good idea, ideas and restrictions around gift giving to your SA, and so much more.

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Dear PurseBop: Is It Possible To Score A Hermès Bag Without An Equal Amount of Prespend?

Anything is possible with Hermès. Although there seem to be generally accepted practices of working with one Sales Associate, buying items you love, appreciating the brand and being loyal to one location, there are many additional factors that also may contribute. Click here for all of the possibilities relating to pre-spend at Hermès.

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Dear PurseBop: Are Bag Inserts A Good Idea to Protect Our Designer Handbags?

Any handbag purchased at Hermès is a treasured bag. To protect the inside and outside of your bag there are several things you can do. Click here for all the tips and suggestions Dear PurseBop has for protecting your investment. There is even a list of companies who offer a variety of bag inserts for sale.

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Dear PurseBop: To Be Offered a Hermès Quota Bag Is It Better to Buy More Less Expensive Items or Fewer More Expensive Items?

Shopping at Hermès is always a great experience with so many exciting new items to choose. However, for some people the goal is to be offered a quota bag. Although Hermès will never tell us what items, if any, lead to a offer quicker, there are some tips to follow. Dear PurseBop has outlined everything you need to know about shopping at your local boutique so click here now.

Hermes Roulis Guide

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Dear PurseBop: What Is The Policy Regarding Gift Giving After Receiving a Quota Bag at Hermès?

Gift giving at Hermès is appreciated as long as it does not violate their guidelines. Read here what is an appropriate gift, when to give it, and suggestions on what to give your SA.

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Dear PurseBop: Can I Start A New Profile Under My Name in Paris if My Profile in my Home Store is Under My Husband's Name?

Shopping in Paris for quota bags has always been a challenge and it is a even more challenging since Hermès linked profiles between France and other countries, including the U.S. Read how you can obtain more than two quota bags a year with a little luck and different profiles here.

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Published: March 21st, 2024
Updated: April 14th, 2024

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