8 Reasons We Love the Hermès Lindy

In case you missed it, the Hermès Lindy quickly became one of the hottest bags of the year when Hermès debuted a mini version on the runway. (Read: Did You See the Little Lindy?) When our Lindy articles started blowing up, all we could think was: well, it’s about time. Although the Lindy is one of the more polarizing Hermès bags—either you love it or you hate it—we’ve always found it wildly interesting: it’s a radical Hermès design that has a special place in our hearts, and here are eight reasons why.


1. Have you seen the Little Lindy...?!

If you weren’t sold before, the “Little Lindy” will do the trick. This mini version of the Lindy, which features an extended strap, was released as part of Hermès’ Fall-Winter 2019 collection. It can be worn crossbody and is, without a doubt, one of Hermès’ cutest bags. (Dare we say it gives the Mini Kelly a run for its money…?) Even actress Laura Dern has already been spotted with the newly covetable H bag.


2. It's arguably Hermès' most unique bag.

We don’t think this statement will be that controversial. After all, what are the other options? The Garden Party? Not a chance. Bolide? Nah. Evelyne? Perhaps, but its sporty H perforation doesn’t hold a candle to the Lindy’s one-of-a-kind design. Just try to name a bag from another brand that looks similar—hard, isn’t it?


3. In a short period of time, it's become an Hermès staple.

No, the Lindy isn’t a Birkin or Kelly. But for those in the know, it’s a staple Hermès bag. What’s interesting is that it achieved this status in a short period of time—13 years, to be exact! Hermès debuted the Lindy on the Spring-Summer 2007 runway. In short, the bag has serious star power.


4. It's more affordable than the Birkin and Kelly.

While we tend to be Birkin-Kelly-Constance-focused at PurseBop, we also appreciate deeply the Hermès bags that are less exclusive. (Read: 5 Hermès Bags Under $5,000: 2019 Edition) The Lindy falls somewhere in the middle—it’s more expensive than the entry-level H bags, but it’s less expensive (and easier to find!) than Bs/Ks/Cs. For the various sizes, think prices ranging from about $6,000 to $9,000.

Kelly meets Lindy. @asianfashionista

5. It's a seriously versatile bag that can be worn as a shoulder bag or by the handles.

This is perhaps the funnest aspect of the Lindy: it’s essentially two bags in one. For a relaxed look, don’t fill it all the way and carry it by the handles (or crossbody). As a shoulder bag, it works great as both a slouchy bag and as a structured, fully-filled one. You can play around with it until your Lindy matches your style!


6. It can hold a lot in its two-pocket interior.

The Lindy is a real workhorse of a bag. It carries more than you’d expect, and is incredibly practical. Of course, filling it up changes how you can carry it, but it’s (obviously) more convenient to use as a shoulder bag when it’s full anyway!

Stuffed to the brim! @leathersolute / @fafatrunk

7. It's the ideal carry-on bag for a flight.

Speaking of practicality…the Lindy is the ideal carry-on (perfect for stowing under the seat). With its durability, space, multiple compartments, and flexibility (it can bend and contract), the Lindy functions beautifully as a travel companion.

Carry-on ready! @malumomo

8. If you haven't been convinced yet, let this testimonial do the work.

As @mrslulu3 shared with us in our Hermès Lindy 101 guide…

I fell in love with the Lindy bag years ago and have had quite a love affair with the bag. I love how practical and roomy the bag is. It fits so much and closes entirely, which is good for safety. Also, I love the way it just sits and slouches in the most perfect way. I know the aesthetic is not everybody’s cup of tea, but I have actually always loved the shape. I also have a casual sporty vibe that I think works with the Lindy, and that is what makes the Lindy such a great workhorse that can be switched up and taken out to a nice dinner. Look at my newest one and you can see how I can easily dress it down with jeans, but then put on a skirt and heels, and voila! Datenight ready! I love my Lindy and always will. In my mind, it’s the most practical Hermès bag, great for traveling and everyday.

No one pulls off sporty chic better than @mrslulu3

Tell us—are you a Lindy lover yourself? Let us know in the comments!

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Published: November 3rd, 2019
Updated: November 9th, 2019

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