It’s Raining Birkins for Hermès Fall-Winter 2024

PurseBop attends the Hermès Fall-Winter 2024 Ready-to-Wear Runway show in Paris.

If I am completely honest, articulating my thoughts and emotions this time feels like an insurmountable task. Despite being fortunate to have encountered this experience several times now, one would assume that it would find a settled place within me. But no. Finding yourself at the epicenter of something you’re passionate about is an indescribable sensation. 

These moments, where passion converges with reality, are beyond words. The sheer magnitude of the opportunity is something that doesn’t just sit – it continues to reverberate, creating a lasting sense of awe. 

It has been raining since I landed in Paris. I fell asleep in my jet lag haze to the sound of rain. I took my early morning traditional stroll on the streets of Paris before anyone awoke in the rain. Glam in my room to the sound of rain… It hasn’t left my side. But then…

As I walked down the long dimly lit hallway, gently illuminated by the glow of a strip of LED lights, there was anticipation that this show would be different, shrouded in mystery and moodiness. 

Upon crossing the threshold into La Garde Républicaine, a space that on each prior visit had donned a distinctive aesthetic, I was met with an unexpected sight. This time, the ambiance was an abyss of pure ink blackness, devoid of discernible features. The ceiling, the walls, and even the benches were swallowed by a sea of black.

Impossible to miss were the two peculiar walkways made of a metal grid, yes the kind our heels must avoid. Questions lingered in the air: what was the purpose of this stark transformation, and what compelled such a choice? 

With my heart racing, I quickly found my seat. Setting down my program and a glass of wine, I embarked on my ritual of navigating the space, aiming to immerse my senses. The atmosphere was distinct, carrying a robust and almost majestic quality. As I scanned the room, my eyes sought out the telltale signs of luxury – the bags, the Hermès masterpieces. The rain definitely subdued a display of everyone’s finest. There was a sea of raincoats, and I assume many bags tucked beneath them, including my own. The crowd was a mix of Hermès enthusiasts and those coming to report and document. Servers offered what looked like bourbon, but instead was a detox tea with floating star anise. 

I returned to my seat, and as I settled in, I noticed Anna Wintour and Axel Dumas approaching my seating area. Engaged in conversation, they stood just ten feet away from me. Could they really be taking seats so close to me? To my astonishment, they did. It was a pinch-me moment. As the room dimmed and the music started, the anticipation heightened… 

Image courtesy: Vogue

Image courtesy: Vogue

Hermès Fall-Winter 2024

When it rains in Paris, it pours. However, the show must go on, and Hermès made its grand return to La Garde Républicaine on March 2, 2024, to present Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski’s collection for Fall-Winter 2024 Ready-to-Wear. A torrential downpour painted the city in liquid hues outside, setting the stage for an extraordinary spectacle within. The runway, unexpectedly, transformed into a reflection of the weather, as Hermès seamlessly brought the outdoors in with a captivating curtain of rain down the center.

Image courtesy: @leiasfez

The Fall-Winter 2024 collection captured a mood of dark allure and subtle gloom, where shadowy tones intertwine with vibrant bursts of color. Showcasing sleek tailoring at its finest, alongside jodhpurs, and clean-cut wool jackets. Meanwhile, studded leathers added a touch of contemporary cool.

Image courtesy: WWD

At the heart of this season’s narrative, is the Hermès woman, personified as ‘The Rider’. Whether riding a horse through the countryside or navigating the streets of Paris on a motorcycle, ‘The Rider’ stands as the central muse and guiding inspiration for the curated designs. As Hermès relays in its program:

“On an island, stomping in puddles. Zipping a collar, a skirt. Buckling an overcoat, tightening the ripcords of rainwear. Meeting the day and braving the elements in sleek, resilient leathers, robust twills, supple cashmere and corduroy. Double-breasted, high-waisted, boot cut. On a bridle path or a busy corner. Astride a horse or a motorcycle, in sturdy boots and a studded biker jacket whose contractions bears [sic] the imprint of a saddle.

Her clothes stand out, a painterly palette with vibrant accents: earthy browns and inky blacks, buttery beige and étoupe grey, deep and luscious reds.”

Image courtesy: Vogue France

Image courtesy: Vogue France

These classic autumnal hues unfold as a canvas of contrasts – black, deep browns, étoupe, buttery beige, and reds  – blending classic luxury with a modern edge. Of course, Fall-Winter 2024 is a season for leather – it is Hermès after all. Whether adorned with studs, drenched in rich red tones, fashioned into sleek two-pieces, or shearling-trimmed coats, each piece embodies the spirit of ‘The Rider’, establishing an unmistakable vibe of confidence. 

It’s Raining Birkins

And then there are the bags – this season’s array features a refined selection, blending timeless classics with a sprinkling of new debuts. Bags are hand-held or clutched closely to the body as if to shield from the rain, while others adorn belts for a utilitarian vibe.

To our surprise, there were iterations of much of what we had seen before.

Image courtesy: WWD

Image courtesy: Vogue

Image courtesy: Vogue

Shoulder Birkin

The Shoulder Birkin returns following its relaunch in the Spring-Summer 2024 collection. Unveiled at the Objects Presentation, the distinctive Birkin was showcased in full leather and is now available in two sizes – a 29 and 39. The 29 is the ultimate in-between size, promising functionality with style. Inquiries about colors revealed that the bag would be offered in more neutral tones. The two available fabrications will be all-leather, and a combination of leather and canvas.

The new smaller version. The Danse for size reference.

Hermès Women's Fall-Winter 2024 | new hermes bags fall winter 2024 | shoulder birkin

Image courtesy: Vogue

Hermès Women's Fall-Winter 2024 | new hermes bags fall winter 2024 | shoulder birkin

Image courtesy: Vogue

The larger shoulder Birkin as seen on model at the Re ese this am.

Furthermore, mirroring the runway presentation, we came across Birkins in the 30 and 35 sizes, fabricated in Barenia and Box leather in the Sellier construction – a subtle nod to the resurgence of big bags, and Hermès’ commitment to highlighting its heritage leathers. 

Hermès Women's Fall-Winter 2024 | new hermes bags fall winter 2024

Image courtesy: Vogue

Hermès Women's Fall-Winter 2024 | new hermes bags fall winter 2024

Image courtesy: Vogue


The Constance undergoes a rejuvenation for the Fall-Winter season, with two fresh iterations. Firstly, the monotone-colored Constance emerges in Red, Green, Rouge Sellier, and Blue. Crafted in Chamkila Chèvre, each bag is adorned with color-coordinated leather H buckles, creating a harmonious visual. Bold yet understated, this new design introduces a streamlined aesthetic, redefining the essence of the iconic Constance. 

Catering to print enthusiasts, the Constance is remade in printed Swift leather. Adorned with an all-over scribble-effect plaid print, this playful iteration exudes a delightful child-like charm, reimagining the timeless style with a whimsical twist. Unveiled in soft hues of pale pink and gray during the Hermès Objects Presentation, both bags are complemented by Palladium hardware, adding a touch of sophistication to their lively design.

Starry Eyed for the Kelly

While the runway produced a sea of Birkins, the Hermès Objects Presentation included the Kelly. Among them, the standout was the star-studded Kelly 25 in Rouge H Epsom, adorned with pale pink and black Marquetire detailing – an aesthetic reminiscent of the intricate Mini Kelly we saw in the Spring-Summer 2024 presentation. 

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The remaining Kelly bags on display exclusively featured Heritage Box leather. However, there’s some exciting news on the Mini Kelly front.  A new shoulder strap accessory embues this ladylike treasure with a more casual and utilitarian vibe. The strap is fully adjustable with a padded section for shoulder comfort, allowing for multiple styling options transforming the Mini Kelly into a casual elevated shoulder bag. 

Faubourg Express

Meet the Faubourg Express, a brand new addition to the Fall-Winter lineup for 2024. This sleek shoulder bag brings a contemporary twist. Resembling a hybrid of the Hermès Plume and Victoria, the Faubourg Express features an elongated silhouette and a longline shoulder strap. Presented in two versatile sizes – small and medium – the Faubourg Express features a zip top closure and hardware adorning the sides. The showcased samples were displayed in Evergrain leather.

Collier d’Attelage

Introducing the Collier d’Attelage, a minimalist saddle bag that radiates quiet luxury. This discreetly designed accessory boasts a logo-free design, accentuating its understated appeal. Devoid of excessive hardware, it features only the rings essential for connecting an adjustable shoulder strap that facilitates crossbody and shoulder wear. The bag features a singular slip half-moon shape pocket on the back. It was displayed in Box Calfskin in Noir and Rouge H, as well as durable Epsom in Gold and a creamy beige shade. 

Hermès Women's Fall-Winter 2024 | new hermes bags fall winter 2024

Image courtesy: Vogue

Charniere To Go 

Unveiled on the runway and embraced as a chic mini belt bag is the Charniere To Go. This petite pouch includes a slim detachable leather strap that effortlessly transforms into either a fashionable belt or a shoulder bag. The bag can be hand-held by its elegantly curved handle in a ladylike style.

Hermès Women's Fall-Winter 2024 | new hermes bags fall winter 2024

Image courtesy: Vogue

Hermès Women's Fall-Winter 2024 | new hermes bags fall winter 2024

Image courtesy: Vogue

Verrou Gets a New Look

The Verrou entered the scene for Fall-Winter 2024 showcasing a fresh new look. Embracing a more utilitarian design, this accessory was reintroduced in Black Box leather and Barenia, complemented by a shortened canvas shoulder, that adds a casual flair to its previous more formal iteration.

Hermès Women's Fall-Winter 2024 | new hermes bags fall winter 2024

Image courtesy: Vogue

Pochette de Pochette

The Pochette de Pochette emerges as a chic timeless clutch with understated charm. This minimal envelope-style accessory is adorned with a prominent smooth Palladium clasp. Unveiled during the Hermès Objects Presentation and Re-see in elegant shades of Noir, Étoupe, and Rouge H.


Presented at the Hermès Re-see, the Bolide made a refined appearance in Volynka leather and Epsom in Étoupe. This presentation emphasized the bag’s subtle sophistication and enduring appeal.

Additionally, the Mini Bolide emerged with a delightful touch of charm, featuring a new shoulder strap intricately braided in green and pale blue leather, adding a playful and fresh dimension to this classic design. 

More Bags

Many of the bags from the Men’s Fall 2024 collection have crossed over with renewed charm in fresh colorways for Women’s Fall-Winter 2024. Emphasizing their unisex appeal, these timeless designs effortlessly transcend conventional gender distinctions, infusing a contemporary essence into both Fall collections.

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Harnacheur Tote

Crafted for the Men’s Fall-Winter 2024 collection but showcased during the Women’s Presentation, this timeless tote encapsulates effortless style. Boasting a streamlined design, the tote features an adjustable top handle, providing the flexibility to wear it on the shoulder or crossbody. With its versatile bucket style, this unisex tote offers plenty of everyday appeal.

Fouree-Tout Étrivère

Another premiered at the Men’s Fall 2024 presentation, the Fouree-Tout Étrivère, returns for this women’s grouping. It stands out as the embodiment of Rider chic, showcasing a sleek black exterior complemented by contrasting palladium hardware. This refined holdall exudes a discreet opulence, defined by its clean lines and seam detailing.

The generously proportioned bag’s upper half is meticulously structured, featuring sturdy top handles for effortless hand carry, while the main body maintains a soft and supple texture. Adding to its versatility, the Fouree-Tout Étrivère is equipped with an adjustable wide strap, allowing it to be worn either on the shoulder or crossbody. Inside, the spacious interior offers ample room to accommodate everything needed for a weekend getaway, and then some, all secured with a zippered closure.

Hermès Women's Fall-Winter 2024 | new hermes bags fall winter 2024

Image courtesy: Vogue

Sac à Dépêches

Initially showcased at the Men’s Fall 2024 presentation, the Hermès Sac Dépêches, nearly a century old, undergoes a chic metamorphosis into a sleek clutch with a removable wristlet. The pouch is elevated by a Jewel clasp with Palladium hardware and showcased in shades arranged from gray to Rouge H. Internally, a well-conceived small slip pocket proves perfect for securely stashing credit cards.

Garden Party Voyage

Enriching the Garden Party line-up, the Voyage iteration is a spacious travel companion. Featured first for Men’s Fall 2024, this oversized tote is constructed in H canvas with a Panoplie Cavalière print, adorned with a stylish black saddle print gracefully enveloping the bag’s silhouette. Effortlessly secured with a single press-stud fastening, the Garden Party Voyage offers additional versatility. By incorporating supplementary press-fastenings on both sides, the bag seamlessly transforms for a more laid-back aesthetic.

Haut à Courroies

The striking Haut à Courroies has undergone a compelling transformation for the men’s and women’s Fall collections, unveiling the HAC en Selle—literally translating to ‘in the saddle.’ This bag showcases a daring appliqué design that firmly reinforces the brand’s equestrian heritage through an abstract saddle motif. Initially presented at the Men’s Show in deep brown, this time it takes center stage in a gold tone.

The bag features a patchwork ensemble of various types of leather, ranging from the textured Togo to the storied Barénia. Adorned with palladium hardware, this capacious carry-all, showcased without internal pockets, pays homage to Hermès’ legacy while making a bold statement in the realm of contemporary fashion.

Équipier Pouches

Hermès Équipier Pouches, also recognized as the ‘Sac a Velo’, were on display as a versatile accessory seamlessly marrying utility. Tailored specifically for men’s bicycles, the design ensures strategic weight distribution, providing a comfortable fit across the bicycle bars. 

Crafted in smooth Gold Calfskin, this multi-functional pouch offers a diverse range of styling options – wear it as a wristlet, clutch, crossbody, or over-the-shoulder.

Stay tuned for Part II, where we’ll be sharing plenty more of the latest Hermès Fall-Winter 2024 collection. . .

Published: March 3rd, 2024
Updated: March 6th, 2024

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  • What a fantastic detailed preview of Hermes’ new bags. I felt like I had a front row seat! Thank you so much.

  • I see some similarities in the new bags with other brands that Hermes fans perceive to be lesser- the faubourg express looks like the Alaia bag and the Coach swing zip bag ( coach did it first); the collier d’attelage looks so much like the Gucci saddle horsebit 1955

  • Excellent overview of the fantastic offerings for the coming season! As an equestrienne, I’m absolutely obsessed with the HAC en Selle.

    I’m wondering if the men’s bag you’ve called the “Fourée Tout” is actually spelled Fourre-Tout Étrivière, meaning ‘hold all with strap’. Either way, it’s divine!