7 Hermès Bags Under $7K – 2024 Edition

Attention Hermès enthusiasts. With substantial price increases making waves in January this year, it’s time to round up the most coveted and stylish bags under $7K. Whether you’re working within a budget, have reached your quota limits, or are simply eager to diversify your collection, Hermès’ enticing lineup of bags extends far beyond the Birkin and Kelly. 

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So expand your orange horizon with these Hermès gems, all priced below $7,000.

Hermès Evelyne TPM

For those seeking a laid-back, everyday workhorse bag, the Hermès Evelyne stands out as an excellent choice. Boasting a laid-back vibe, the Evelyne can be comfortably worn crossbody, offering an excellent option for those who appreciate a grab-and-go aesthetic. Originally designed for equestrian gear, the Evelyne showcases a subtle perforated ‘H’ motif, initially intended for the ventilation and drying of grooming tools. That iconic H is designed to be worn close to the body, but many Hermès lovers opt to display the design outward – the choice is yours! Most commonly crafted from supple Clemence leather, this casual accessory is an ideal entry point into the world of Hermès. 

Bag SizeDimensions in Inches (L X H X D)
Hermès Evelyne 16 (Mini TPM)7 X 7.7 X 2
Hermès Evelyne 29 (Medium/PM)11.25 X 12 X 2.5
Hermès Evelyne 33 (Large/GM)12 X 13 X 2
Hermès Evelyne 40 (Extra Large/TGM)16 X 16.5 X 4

The Evelyne TPM remains at the top of many Hermès wishlists, thanks to its more approachable pricing within the brand’s extensive lineup. This miniature version’s sought-after status stems from its casual vibes, easy wearability, lightweight nature, and the convenience of its crossbody strap. Available in four sizes – petite (commonly known as the TPM, small/medium, large, and extra large. 

Prices start at $2,200 for the TPM size and, on occasion, you may spot the Evelyne on the online boutique. However, it comes as no surprise that these coveted pieces are quickly snatched up!

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Hermès Picotin Lock

For those moments when simplicity is key, Hermès offers the answer in the form of the Picotin Lock. The carefree and easy-to-love two-handled bucket bag is a firm favorite among Hermès enthusiasts. This equestrian-inspired tote is not only easy to wear but also an ideal addition to any summer wardrobe. The handheld design mirrors a horse’s feedbag and is adorned simply with the brand’s signature padlock, adding a touch of luxe appeal.

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Bag SizeDimensions in Inches (L X H X D)
Hermès Picotin Lock 14 (Micro)4.9 X 4.9 X 4.1
Hermès Picotin Lock 18 (PM)7 X 7.4 X 5.3
Hermès Picotin Lock 22 (MM)8.2 X 8.6 X 6.6
Hermès Picotin Lock 26 (MM)10.5 X 10.5 X 8.5

Diverse in its offerings, the Picotin comes in a wide range of colors, and luxurious leathers, including exotics. Explore various fabrications, including the canvas version with pockets known as the Picotin Cargo. For those with a penchant for prints, the Picotin ‘Lucky Daisy’ bag stands as a fun alternative to the classic Clemence leather, albeit with a higher price tag. 

Picotin enthusiasts display a creative approach by ingeniously repurposing scarves and fashioning unique makeshift shoulder straps. Alternatively, some fans of the bag opt for customization, adding leather or canvas shoulder straps to the Picotin’s hardware, unlocking crossbody and shoulder wear possibilities.  When it comes to sizing, the Picotin offers four options – PM, MM, GM, AND TGM. There’s a size for everyone and every occasion, with prices starting at $3,300 for the micro size. 

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Hermès In-The-Loop

Adding a refreshing and playful touch to Hermès’ handbag lineup, the In-The-Loop bag stands out for its understated appeal. Featuring the iconic ‘Chaine d’Ancre’ motif on the handles and the bag’s base, it exudes subtle H charm. This discreet catch-all is perfect for those on-the-go moments and serves as an excellent alternative to the widely adored Picotin boasting a similar bucket-style silhouette. 

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Bag SizeDimensions in Inches (L X H X D)
Hermès In-The-Loop7 X 7.6 X 4.7

With a spectrum of vibrant hues and timeless neutrals to choose from, the In-The-Loop offers options that seamlessly integrate into any closet. Currently available in two sizes, it provides a versatile choice for everyday use. The bag features a Clemence leather body and Swift handles, prices for the Hermès In-The-Loop bag start at $4,850. 

Hermès Arçon

The Hermès Arçon bag made its debut in the Spring Summer 2023 collection and continued to capture attention in 2024 with its everyday elegance. Diverging from conventional Hermès styles, the Arçon introduces a fresh and relaxed luxury aesthetic through its crescent moon silhouette, wide shoulder strap, and hobo design, featuring the impeccable quality of Hermès leather.

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The Arçon incorporates subtle details such as a key fob, an external zippered pocket, and an H buckle fastening. Offered in two sizes, each featuring an adjustable shoulder strap for optimal comfort, the Arçon shines in neutral-tone heritage leathers. Notably, the Arçon assembled in a combination of Toile and Swift, priced at $5,800, introduces a casual vibe, seamlessly blending Hermès charm with a contemporary twist. Meanwhile, prices for full leather iterations start at $5,900.

Hermès Della Cavalleria

Rooted in the rich equestrian legacy of Hermès, the Della Cavalleria emerges as a lesser-known gem. Debuting in the Fall-Winter 2020 collection, this bag showcases a unique buckle design inspired by the Verdun horse-bit motif, presenting the ultimate blend of history and modernity. In 2023, the bag underwent a refreshing update while retaining its signature hardware, and the brand notably introduced a Della Cavalleria Elan for Spring-Summer 2023. 

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Today, the Della Cavalleria is characterized by a minimalist yet sophisticated design that exudes understated elegance. Versatility is a standout feature, thanks to an adjustable shoulder strap offering three-length options, facilitating seamless transitions from shoulder to crossbody wear. The oversized clasp, available in palladium or gold hardware, steals the spotlight. Available in the coveted mini and the PM, the mini Della Caballeria, crafted in Epsom leather, retails for $6,050. 

Hermès Mini Bolide

Cute and compact mini bags continue to make waves in the fashion world, and Hermès stands at the forefront of this trend – did someone say, Mini Kelly? However, we all know how difficult it is to obtain the ever-elusive Kelly, let alone a miniature one. Thankfully, there are alternatives, including the Mini Bolide – a timeless and cherished bag measuring a small but mighty 7” wide and 6” tall.

Bag SizeDimensions in Inches (L X H X D)
Hermès Mini Bolide7 X 6 X 3

First introduced in 1923, the Hermès Bolide is a classic within the brand’s lineup. With its understated design, complete with top handles and a secure zip fastening, the Mini Bolide exudes both timeless appeal and charm in its mini size. Ideal for those seeking a city-safe bag, its shoulder strap provides versatility, allowing it to be carried as a top handle or worn crossbody. 

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While occasionally available on the Hermès online boutique, the Mini Bolide, like any sought-after bag, tends to fly off the shelves quickly. With prices starting at $6,300, this miniature-sized marvel brings luxury to a compact scale. 

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Hermès Kelly Pochette 

Last, but certainly not least, if you find yourself still seeking that elusive Mini Kelly, how about switching gears to the Kelly Pochette? Standing out as one of the most coveted clutches in the Hermès collection, this pochette radiates sophisticated style in a petite yet practical form. Drawing inspiration from the iconic Kelly, the downsized Kelly Pochette is simply irresistible. 

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Bag SizeDimensions in Inches (L X H X D)
Hermès Kelly Pochette9 X 6 X 3

Serving as a fantastic substitute for the elusive Mini Kelly, the Kelly Pochette boasts more generous dimensions of approximately 9 x 6 x 3”. With its broad base and flat top handle, it lends itself effortlessly to hand-carry or a casual tuck under the arm will exude cool-girl vibes. However, unfortunately, like the Mini Kelly, the Pochette is nearly impossible to get. For the fortunate few who manage to secure this stylish clutch, it comes with a price tag of $6,850 for the swift leather variation. 

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Which bag has made it to the top of your Hermès wishlist this season? Let us know.

Published: February 24th, 2024
Updated: February 24th, 2024

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