Karlito’s Cruise Adventures…

Recently I had a talk with Karlito about his cruise experience over the Christmas holidays with my side of the family. We chatted for a bit until he suggested that I just take a look at the entries from his cruise diary.

The following comments and photographs are from Karlito’s personal diary and scrapbook…

Our flight ORD- MIA was uneventful, although sinfully early. I met the entire PurseBop family… all 13 of them. Boy are they an interesting clan!

I particularly enjoyed my first evening stroll on the beach while I acquainted myself with the home and surroundings. I hope we come back all the time!


…and then late night South Beach action with the adults.

 1 (1)

“There was a beautiful sunrise and we all prepared to embark on the Royal Caribbean ‘Allure of the Seas’ (proved to be a chaotic process with all of them). Apparently it’s the largest ship to sail the waters. This should prove interesting, I’ve never experienced a ship! #PurseBopSetsSail 

 2 (1)

As I settled in I noticed how HUGE it really was! Will I find my way around??? 

 2 (3)

 1 (3)

Our view as the ship pulled away from the dock. 

 3 (1)

We all went hard as it was the first night. Dinner, drinks, casino & clubbing. I think we did it all till the wee hours of the morning… and ‘she’  just loves blackjack. I may get the hang of this by the time I leave…

 1 (2) 2 (2)

The aftermath: project hydration in progress for most of the day, ugghhh. 


Boat docks in Atlantis for only a few hours. Family hired a private taxi to tour the sights, I basically napped.

PurseBop has an eye for the perfect shot. Rather impressed. 

 4 (1) (1)

In St. Thomas I chose to spend the day with the BIL’s (brother in laws). When these men get together they certainly know how to live it up. The boys significantly outnumber the girls in the clan so it was in my best interest to learn to ‘hang’ with them ASAP. And the afternoon drink of choice was Bloody Mary’s or as I learnt, Caesars” in Canada. 


Some of the day was spent shopping but there were basically only two destinations. Louis Vuitton (I am so perplexed by her recent LV fascinations)

 3 6

 And shopping for Mr. PurseBop’s Rolex, where I felt my opinion was heard and relevant.


XMAS Day was marvelous. It was a sea day and I spent the better part of my day soaking in the rays, sipping pina coladas and mojitos deck side.  


Solitude… every so often I needed a few moments alone to escape the rambunctious grandsons. Can you imagine the audacity of one of PurseBop’s nephews  to refer to me as an action figure? 


Thankfully there was an ‘adult only’ solarium where I could escape the rugrats and catch up with some reading on my kindle. 


 3 (2)

Late Night: and just as I was getting the hang of black jack, they switched to CRAPS. Man!

 6 (1)

The boardwalk offered amusement rides and family fun for all . 

 5 (1)

Me soaring the skies…


Over indulgent eating…

 4 (2)

Towards the end of the cruise, I found myself needing to retire earlier than the youngest of them…

 5 (2)

and warming up to many of the other cruise guests…


As delightful as this ‘cruising’ adventure was, I must admit I couldn’t be happier to see land!


There’s  nothing quite like ‘home sweet home’…

Love Karlito (& Pursebop)

Published: January 18th, 2015
Updated: May 19th, 2017

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