10 Handbag Investment Commandments for 2018

@mylifeincolors_ Handbag Investment. You might think we're talking about money, but here that's

Delvaux Launches Game of Thrones–Inspired Couture Collection

Photo courtesy: Delvaux The Concept Our favorite Belgian bag maker has done

The Delvaux Miniatures Collection Tours Us Around Belgium

Tour through Belgium with Delvaux’s newest bag charm collection: “Delvaux Miniatures Belgitude”

Delvaux’s New Hero

PurseBop reveals the Delvaux Hero, a whimsical preppy style translucent Brilliant style handbag to pay homage to their inception in 1829.

Part Four: Couples That Special Order Together Stay Together

Pursebop continues the reveal of her Hermès Special Order handbag in this lively detailed step by step narrative. Part four of the Special Order series.

Little Luxuries: The Best Designer Bag Charms

Yes…you need an accessory FOR your accessory. Take a peek at the best designer bag charms from all your favorite brands.

“Style Should Be Comfortable…”, Meet BopTalk Celebrity @__geminiigirl__18

We have the distinct pleasure of introducing our newest BopTalk Celebrity @__geminiigirl__18.

The Current Mood is Dior

Ready for a reveal?

Back to Basics: Little Black Bags

Find the perfect, neutral bag to get you through anything! Explore designer finds from every price range in our Back to Basics: Little Black Bags guide.

Complete Guide To The Mini Bag Madness

We’re diving into everything MINI. Discover mini bags across 15 designer brands in PurseBop’s extensive mini reference guide. Prices and pictures included.

Find the Perfect Wallet for Any Accessory Lover

Every accessory lover needs a good wallet to support their shopping addiction! Check out PurseBop’s wallet recommendations in this gift reference guide.

Not All Mini Bags Are Created Equal

So, you've scrolled through instagram, PurseBop's reference guides, and the entire Barneys

The Birthday Birkin: Part Three

In Part 3 of the Birthday Hermes Birkin reveal, Lady Vermillion B is formally welcomed to the PurseBop Clan among many other esteemed bags.

The ULTIMATE Guide to Mini Bags

10 Brands, 10 mini’s…

Delvaux Mini Madness

“to Delvaux mini or NOT mini?” …that is the question?

Delvaux’s Fall Game


The Fendi Karlito Iphone Case Joins the Family…

REVEAL: A new member arrives to the PurseBop Karlito Family

From Coach to Hermes: The Luxury Handbag Market

Battle of the brands!—what does it take to be at the top of the handbag luxury hierarchy?

Eeny meeny miny mo…

PurseBop has a handbag predicament, can you HELP?

Delvaux: the New Champion

It’s no secret Delvaux has swept PurseBop off her feet, and this mini masterpiece is the new CHAMPION. Join me for a whimsical afternoon at the Masters!

Delvaux Fall 2015 Rules My Heart…

PurseBop shares the first glimpses of the Delvaux Fall 2015 handbag collections. The LOVE affair with Delvaux grows…

Delvaux Spring Fever

The DELVAUX Gods are testing my patience as I graciously ‘attempt’ to

Karlito’s Cruise Adventures…

Recently I had a talk with Karlito about his cruise experience over

Top Hat Magritte

I’m obsessed with this Magritte inspired hat by Eugenia Kim at Bergdorfs!


REPUBLISHING STORY today for @PurseBop & @PurseBopPicks Instagram followers:   Original story

There are obsessions, and then there are DELVAUX OBSESSIONS!


Mr. PurseBop in ‘TRAINING’…

A few weeks ago I posted a picture on Instagram that generated

CHANEL giveaways @PursebopPicks

Calling all FASHIONISTAS: Let’s play a little “Ring Around the Roses…’ @PurseBopPicks

DELVAUX #8… Brussels to Chicago

Chapter I There were only 10 of us, almost alike, each with

A ‘Bag Addicts’ Confession…

In honor of National HandBag Day today, it’s only appropriate that PurseBop


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