Little Red Riding ‘on the Hood’…

Part I
Once in a blue moon, Mr. PurseBop has a ‘bopping’ indulgence that captures my attention. This one stole my heart! What’s particularly interesting and the inspiration for this post is the simultaneous arrival of Pursebop’s new prize.

Little Red Riding on the Hood (23)

My intention is to be brief in my story telling, but I must share a few details.  Once Mr. PurseBop’s new car pick was final, PurseBop came to the scene to assist in color selection. It took only a glance to see the ravishing red swatch smile back at me from the wall of options. From my enthusiasm and squeaks of delight it was very quickly evident that the CARMINE RED was going to be it (thankfully we both were in complete agreement for a change J)
Just one hitch, this was the only color that was ‘optional’ and requires an upgrade, which YES, translates to a $$$$ upcharge…hmmmm.
It took a moment to digest the unpleasant news and our dialog went something like this…

PurseBop: $$$$ for the paint of the car?
Mr. PurseBop: But I LOVE it.
PurseBop: That’s crazy…REALLY? (As I turn to make eye contact with the salesman)
Salesman: Yes ma’am. It’s our ‘exclusive’ PORSCHE RED featured in our brochures, tv and magazine ads, and you wont see many on the road (now we all know why, uuuggghhh)

PurseBop revisits the sample wall…as I fumble through the swatches knowing full well there was no turning back from the red shade of my (or shall I say ‘our’) dreams, LOL.
Mr. PurseBop:  You realize the upgrade is the cost of just ONE of YOUR many RED Chanels, right?

PurseBop: (smiling & lovingly) Yes my dear, CARMINE RED it is!

There was not going to be any further grounds for debate after that subtle but very poignant reminder, LOL

Little Red Riding on the Hood (19)

Let’s fast forward to 3 months later when the much anticipated Porsche Cayenne was delivered… (yes it took the full quoted 12-14 weeks to be custom built and ‘painted’, LOL)

Little Red Riding on the Hood (2)

It was a late Friday cold and rainy evening when Mr. PurseBop’s beauty arrived at home for inspection. We had never seen this car, or any Porsche for that matter, in this color. As it pulled into the garage, our faces lit up with glee! It was stunning…indeed the perfect RED.

Little Red Riding on the Hood (4)

Let’s switch gears for a few moments… My life was uber exciting with preparation for Dallas and the Chanel Metiers D’Art show the following Monday, so it’s safe to say shopping was at the forefront of my activities. Preparing my favorite looks with all the trimmings for my days away led to a few last minute additions. The Chanel cruise 14’ BOY CUBE found it’s way to me, just in time for Dallas and the arrival of Mr. PurseBop’s RED. It was a match made in heaven!  As the red beauty pulled into the lights of the garage, I could only visualize the poses of my next photo shoot! I think I should let my many pictures do the talking… I admit, when Mr. PurseBop and I are on a joint venture (fancy way of saying ‘driving together in his car’) I am indeed very loyal to my Carmine Red lock’d BOY bag!

Little Red Riding on the Hood (6)

Little Red Riding on the Hood (8)

Little Red Riding on the Hood (10)

Little Red Riding on the Hood (12)

Sit back, relax and enjoy the story ( I know I’ve totally gone over board in publishing soooo many pics, but I simply couldn’t resist…and this is only Part 1)

Little Red Riding on the Hood (14)

“Oh! grandmother,’ she said, ‘what big ears you have!’
‘All the better to hear you with, my child,”

Little Red Riding on the Hood (16)

Happy holidays to all, from my family to yours…may ‘our purses’ be filled with peace, happiness and above all lots of LOVE…

Warm hugs



Published: December 30th, 2013
Updated: May 19th, 2017

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